Why Having A Spa At Home Can Change Your Life?

A Jacuzzi is not just a large bathtub where you can relax with a hot bath, it is much more. In fact, it is the essential element for the appearance of hydrotherapy or therapeutic treatments based on the injection of water on the body or on the contrasts of its temperature.

Among the most important, hydrotherapy has the following benefits.

Physical benefits

Like a massage performed by a physiotherapy, the applications of water jets activate blood circulation improving the cardiovascular system.

This blood activation also helps to stimulate the immune system and the transmission of oxygen.

It is not necessary to do sports to suffer contractures, tendonitis or muscle pain in general. Office work is often responsible for many of these ills. With the help of hydrotherapy they can be corrected and, above all, prevented.

Psychological benefits

Those ailments, in addition to a busy lifestyle, lead to stress. Hydrotherapy has an analgesic function against this disorder and in a natural way.

This relaxation greatly helps to disconnect from the daily routine and rest better. That improves the state of health and avoid preventing numerous diseases. Hydrotherapy improves the psychological state and this improves the physical state.

Types of Spa or Jacuzzi

For those who decide to buy a Jacuzzi and install it at home, this section is very important due to the variety that exists today.

Indoor Jacuzzi

Types of Jacuzzi jet

They are classic: tubs smaller or larger including jet or jets of varying wattage and shape to emit the jet. Namely:

Jet diffuser of the jet to reach large areas of the body such as the neck and shoulders. This type of jet is not very powerful, so it is indicated to create a relaxing effect at the moment and therapeutic in the medium term.

Jet rotating tub with two jets of high power and covering large areas with direct therapeutic effects.

Jet Precision, ideal models for massaging small areas.

Of course, there are more types of jets customized to suit the client and the size of the Jacuzzi.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

The sector of swimming pools for the home has been merged with that of hydrotherapy to create authentic Spas at home or in the garden. Let’s see some of the models.

Swim SPA for sports

In addition to having jets under and over the water, this type of Jacuzzi includes an adjustable jet on one of its sides that allows the user to swim against the current. In addition, this type of Jacuzzi can include paddles to simulate going in a boat or a treadmill for jogging in the water.

Therapeutic outdoor Jacuzzi

Garden Jacuzzi

Like the indoor spa-Jacuzzi, the outdoor ones have all the necessary resources to enjoy various therapeutic treatments. In addition, being able to be designed with a larger size, such as the so-called Swim-Spa, allows adding external water jets for neck and back massages as they can be received in a spa.

All these advantages that you can obtain when acquiring your own Spa for home are wonderful because there will be nothing better than having these great features on the terrace of your home, in the garden or patio, or even inside a room suitable for make the experience more complete.

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