Freestanding Bathtub, Which Ones To Choose For Our Well-Being

luxury oval shape inset bathtubs

The relaxing atmosphere and the play of scents created by a freestanding bathtub are unparalleled. And especially in the case of large spaces in the bathroom, it is now unthinkable not to evaluate these comfortable free-standing solutions on a wall or even in the center of the room. How to choose the best bathtubs for our well-being?

Here’s how to choose the most beautiful models with easy installation, maximum comfort and unmissable prices.

The freestanding bathtub, from free installation to the most functional forms

The freestanding bathtub is a free-standing model with much smaller dimensions than traditional bathtubs and with a greater variety than the materials available. For installation, you can opt for a location in the middle of the room. If, on the other hand, the classic wall position is sought, there is no obligation to occupy the entire wall. This is due to its installation capabilities in every point of the bathroom compared to traditional models.

With freestanding, it is also possible to be daring on the shapes. How? With delicate oval or square options. In addition, there are free-standing bath tubs with feet for raising the freestanding bathtub, to enrich its spaces with elegant tiles and designs.

And what about the materials available? Acrylic is the first option to choose over ceramic. In fact, it has a greater capacity to accumulate heat inside and give a sweet feeling of relaxation during a bath in the tub. More pleasant to the touch, it is also much easier to clean inside. Easy cleaning even in the external parts, especially if free installation in the center of the room is chosen. Read More: Freestanding Bathtub: Where to Put It In The Bathroom

Freestanding tubs, square or irregular shapes to recreate an environment such as a spa

The freestanding bathtubs have as their strong point the wide flexibility on the models to be created given the freedom in not having to be installed with a support point on the entire bathroom wall but also on only one of the same as well as in the center of the room.

That’s why, if you think about these beautiful relaxation solutions, you can opt for minimal models with square shapes. Among other things, they are very easy to structure and designed for easier use even by children and the elderly. Irregular shapes, on the other hand, can be created for these freestanding bathtubs where you want to enrich them also with hydro massage functions.

In this way, you can recreate a relaxing environment with water massages released inside the tub. Furthermore, free-standing Jacuzzis can be used for getting the pleasure of spas.

Among the best freestanding bathtubs, particular attention is also to be paid to the brands specialized in their creation.

Among these, Acquaviva is considered to be one of the best sellers of freestanding bathtubs. The bathtubs offered by them recreate a pleasant sensation to the touch. In addition, the company’s products offer good resistance in retaining heat and creating this sweet feeling of relaxation in the comfort of your home.

The comfortable oval shape and minimal and modern designs of freestanding bathtubs of Acquaviva create an elegant and relaxing environment in small spaces.

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