Make Your Basin Look Attractive With Quality Mixers

Floor Mounted Basin Mixer

To buy a faucet for a washbasin, first of all, you need to understand the models offered by the sanitary ware market. It should be borne in mind that such devices can be mounted not only on a basin in a bathroom or toilet but also on a kitchen sink. You just need to choose the model you like in terms of technological and aesthetic performance, as well as assess your financial capabilities.

Standard models

If you need to buy a basin faucet inexpensively, it is best to pay attention to the classic options for such valves – either valve or lever. It is difficult to say which model will have a longer service life since here you will have to take into account several purely individual factors. Read More: Freestanding Bathtub, Which Ones To Choose For Our Well-Being

Stylish cascade basin mixers

The operation of a cascade mixer is practically no different from the classic one. The difference lies only in the shape of the spout and for the cascade, it is made flat and wide. In its outlines, it resembles a very small waterfall, and if there is backlighting, it looks very impressive. In addition, such devices are often equipped with a thermostat, which can be fixed at a certain temperature.

With thermostat

Special attention should be paid to the devices on which the thermostat is installed. We’re not talking about the shape of the spout – it can be different – it’s about the adjustment functionality. The thermostat itself, of course, is fixed at the temperature mode you set, but the flow rate can be regulated in different ways.

There are models where this indicator is set by a valve located on the side and it is constantly changing. But there are also options where you can set a certain pressure and fix it in this position. This is very convenient for those who have small children who have already learned how to wash their hands and wash their face, but not quite using the tap. Read More: Comfort Of Using Floor Mounted Basin Mixers: The Latest Innovation

Embedded models

If you want to buy a faucet for a washbasin in the bathroom, then there are two possible options, but most often they purchase a floor-mounted model since it is suitable for all washbasins. There are taps that can be mounted directly. For any installation option, such devices are equipped with a thermostat, and often a device for fixing the power of the water flow.

The floor-mounted basin mixer gets securely fixed, moreover, the fixings are hidden in the floor, which means that their service life increases.

The faucet for the concealed basin is popular and is considered one of the rare sanitary ware. Such mixers are made only by well-known manufacturers, such as Acquaviva only by using high-quality materials.

Floor-mounted basin mixers are mainly used by those who adhere to such close styles as purism and minimalism, which are characterized by practicality, functionality, and the use of only the most modern technological solutions in the interior.

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