What are the Advantages of Corner Overflow Bathtubs in Your Bathroom?

Delta Corner Bathtub without Panel

Are you fed up with your present tub? Maybe you’re on the hunt for something unique? Corner overflow bathtubs may be exactly what you need to turn your area from drab to fab.

The ability to come home to your spa-like refuge, fill the tub, and sit back and relax is what makes a corner bath so enticing. If you’re thinking about buying a new corner bathtub, consider the benefits that a corner overflow bathtub can provide.

What makes it worth it:-


The corner bath is becoming a fashionable and reasonable alternative to a freestanding bath, despite the high cost of certain top-of-the-line designs.

There are less expensive alternatives that look just as good as a traditional whirlpool bath. The corner bath collection is magnificent, with several different forms to fit a wide range of tastes.


Corner bathtubs are becoming increasingly common in high-end bathrooms. Corner Baths are a highly useful solution that can add a sense of dignity to any bathroom while also saving space.

There is already a broad variety of corner bathtubs on the market, all of which come in a variety of designs and colors. This makes it simple to locate the perfect corner bath to instantly improve the look of your bathroom.

Maximize Floor Space

Corner overflow bathtubs are wonderful for optimizing the floor area you have and making the most out of your bathroom, and if you have a tiny or large bathroom.

Corner bathtubs open up the center area of the bathtub, allowing the occupant to freely wander about the rest of the space. More space is available for standing at sinks, drying off, or lounging at dress tables with this additional capacity.

Use Less Wall Space

Because the bath is in the corner of the bathroom, more wall space is available for several other bathroom fixtures.

You’ll also have enough room to install a roof shower over the bath if you want to. This adds an extra feature that will come in handy on those hectic days when you don’t have time to bathe.

Seating Area

If you want to give your bathroom a new look, a corner bath may add a touch of beauty and elegance while also providing a soothing area in which to rest after a long day.

Corner bathtubs also give a useful lounging area that can also be used to store bathroom necessities. The corner bath can provide the same safe and comfortable environment and luxury as a regular bath.


Overflow bathtubs have a way of turning even the most uninspiring bathroom into a luxurious spa that is sure to impress.  We have a large selection of bathtubs at Acquaviva. If you want to upgrade your bathroom with branded bathtubs, contact us immediately.

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