Turn Your Home Into A Spa Oasis With Outdoor Spas

outdoor spa

Outdoor spas and swim spas are very beneficial for human health and beauty. If earlier it was necessary to go to spa centers in order to independently verify the beneficial properties of a hydro massage, now you can simply purchase such a unit at home.

The so-called nozzles are built into the walls of the outdoor spa– round plates with small holes. With their help, the stream of water collides with air bubbles. The latter, in turn, creates an electric pump located inside the machine. As a result, a water jet mixed with air massages the body rejuvenates the skin, and warms up the muscles.

Species classification

There are several hot tubs. So, according to the type of pressure supply, they are distinguished: (Read More: Outdoor Whirlpool as A Popular Solution For Wellness And Pleasure)

Hydromassage. This is a combination of two types of massage – water and air. The pump inside the Jacuzzi drives the flow of water through special nozzles, after which a mixture of water and air is released. Judging by the reviews, it is the most popular.

Air massage. It contains not so much useful, but soothing and relaxing properties. In such baths, there is an air compressor. It creates air bubbles and blows them out of the nozzles from the bottom of the device.

Back massage. At the time when the consumer wants to use the pressure for spinal massage, the function of the turbo pulse is triggered – the side massage nozzles are turned off, and all the pressure goes to the back nozzles. This gives an enhanced massage effect.

There are also free-standing Jacuzzis with side massage. The principle is the same as in whirlpool baths: the back attachments are switched off and the side attachments work much more strongly. Corner baths are more suitable for side massage.

Each type of product has certain advantages and what effect they have can only be understood when used. Massage on such a device rightfully takes second place in the rating of physiotherapeutic measures after manual.

With its help, you can relieve spasmodic pains, cure muscle and joint diseases, chronic fatigue, problems with the nervous system, or simply carry out general detoxification of the body.

Selection and care tips

With such a purchase, it is necessary to take into account the shape and size of the bathroom: it is worth choosing a mechanism that does not just fit into your room, but also leaves some free space. An obligatory moment when purchasing a Jacuzzi is a safety overlap for the floor with hydro and vapor barriers. Without such an attachment, your floor could be badly damaged.

There are many materials from which an outdoor spa can be made: acrylic, cast iron, plastic, or steel. It is important to remember that the cost of a whirlpool tub directly depends on the pump power- this also needs to be paid attention to. In deciding how to choose a device for home massage, it is recommended to take into account the reviews of many buyers and the advice of friends.

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