Outdoor Whirlpool as A Popular Solution For Wellness And Pleasure


Would you like to buy an outdoor whirlpool for your garden or terrace? Then you should not miss the wide range of perfect spas offered by Acquaviva!

Whirlpools are now part of sophisticated wellness equipment. Massage tubs are very popular, in addition to smaller ones for the bathroom, consumers now have access to spacious outdoor whirlpools in which they can enjoy the beneficial effects of water in the fresh air.

Forget the stress of everyday life in the outdoor whirlpool

At Acquaviva, experts offer whirlpools for outdoor installation, whirlpool tubs for indoor use, as well as steam showers, and the like, in order to satisfy the wellness needs of discerning customers. With their help, you can create your perfect spa in your own home!

A free-standing Jacuzzi in particular is a luxury that many people long for. The well-tempered bathroom in the open air is even more fun and lets you switch off after a hard day’s work. The modern products are equipped with features such as atmospheric LED lighting. A number of different massage functions are also available – after all, one of the great advantages of spas is that they relax muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation.

A swimming spa offers a mixture of a swimming pool and a whirlpool. In addition to the wellness factor, the outdoor spa offers many other advantages compared to a simple pool in the garden and is also even more space-saving. Depending on your needs, it is available in different sizes and shapes.


The name “swimming whirlpool” might be more appropriate! Because basically, that’s exactly what it is! A mix of a swimming pool and a whirlpool! The pool, therefore, has its own area for swimming (with a counter-current system) and an area for relaxing with a massage effect. (Read More:¬†Make Your Basin Look Attractive With Quality Mixers)

Since the swim spa pool is very close to a swimming pool, it is also best suited for outdoor use! The prerequisites for this are sufficient space and an even substructure.


In an outdoor spa, you cannot only swim and bathe but also relax! The massage jets loosen your muscles and free you from everyday stress.

In addition, a spa whirlpool, in contrast to a swimming pool, takes up relatively little space and is suitable for almost every garden. If necessary, the whirlpool can be completely or partially sunk into the floor and therefore does not appear too bulky.

Another advantage of the swimming spa is the lower power consumption, as the manageable amount of water requires less energy to heat up.

Much fuss about our pools

When buying a whirlpool for outdoor use from Acquaviva, you are guaranteed not to afford an expensive mistake. Many pool models are not only suitable for individuals or couples but also offer space for four, five, or even six people – so you can take a soothing bath as a family or with friends.

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