Shower Or Bathtub? Choose The Best For Your Bathroom!

There is no better option than the other, but there is a perfect one for you and for your bathroom. The meters you have, your hygiene habits and your needs will tip the scale towards the shower or the bathtub. We help you choose!

Shower or bathtub? This is the question. If you are thinking of renovating the bathroom or have ever done it, surely you have faced this question.

It is not that they are exclusive or incompatible, but when there are not enough meters, you have to choose between one option or another, but with free standing bath tubs with shower you can get the benefits of both.

If the meters are not a problem, do not hesitate: go for both. Ideally, you should have a bathtub and at least one shower (depending on the number of bathrooms you have) at home.

So you can benefit from the advantages of each one. Find out what they are and when it is better to go for a bathtub or a shower.


If you have a small bathroom, say no more: bet on a shower. With a minimum of 90 x 90 cm you can enjoy a comfortable shower, although the ideal is to give it more cm.

If you need it to be even smaller, there are standard shower trays from 70 x 70 cm. In addition to its ability to adapt in confined spaces, the shower has other advantages:

Thermostatic Shower Panel

Coffee effect

Yes, the shower has a stimulating and revitalizing effect on our body. Especially in the morning, being a very effective way to take off the sheets and activate ourselves.


The shower is the hygiene system that best suits modern life, where time seems to be money. A five-minute shower is enough.

Yes, five. In fact, according to the WHO, the time of the shower should never exceed five minutes or 95 liters of water. More than that, it is a waste of water and energy.

More convenient access

It is worth keeping in mind if there are elderly people with mobility problems at home, since shower trays eliminate architectural barriers to enter and exit.


Who has not dreamed of submerging in the free standing bath tubs with jets after a hectic day and seeing how stress disappears between the soap bubbles?

But for this to be possible we must have a minimum space. The smallest measurements for a standard rectangular bathtub are 70 x 140 cm. It fits? Perfect!

Once you have overcome the obstacle of cm, these are some of free standing bath tubsadvantages:


If the shower is invigorating in the morning, the bathtub is soothing at the end of the day. Hydro massage functions are not even necessary to enjoy a wellness bath.


If there are little ones at home, the bathtub is the most practical. For children, bath time is usually a time of fun, games and a splash. And the shower does not give much less play.


The new designs of freestanding bathtubs are almost sculptural pieces of great aesthetic value, becoming the undisputed protagonists of the bathroom.

From vintage models, with metal legs, to the most current with refined and natural lines. The only “but” is that they are recommended only in large bathrooms, since the ideal thing to avoid looking boxed is to leave about 90 cm free around it.

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