Sensor Faucets: Wash Your Hands Without Touching The Tap!

Sensor Faucet in your bathroom

Our hands touch a lot of things a day, and these things may hide a lot of invisible bacteria and viruses. If you touch your nose, rub your eyes, touch your mouth or eat without washing your hands, these bacteria and viruses will enter our body.

Therefore, “washing hands frequently” is the most basic and most important aspect of self-protection. Good hand hygiene measures can reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening diseases.

Sensor sink faucet automatically cuts the water after use in short-term situations such as hand and face washing, thanks to motion detection sensors up to 30 cm.This is a recognized technology currently from a time-saving and water-saving point of view, to prevent the spread of germs.

There are also features that can be adjusted separately for washing dishes or washing fruits and vegetables. These multifunctional sensor faucets provide advantages in many situations.

Photocell urinal faucets are preferred because hygiene is important in common areas. Sensored urinal faucet models prevent diseases and germs thanks to their antibacterial properties.

Sensor Faucet Prices

After deciding to buy a sensor faucet for direct bathroom sinks, prices become the subject of research. After the area and model to be used are determined, a selection is made according to the prices.

Sensor faucets are thought to be sold at high prices due to their electronic design, but this is false information. There are many brands and products that offer quality service at an affordable price, such as Acquaviva.

sensor faucets

Sensor faucet pricesvaries according to certain features. There are no high differences between the prices of electric and rechargeable batteries. In addition, in cases where it is not suitable to install a battery with a sensor, there are apparatus that enable it to work with a sensor by mounting on taps.

Which Features Should Be Considered When Buying a Sensor Faucet?

There are some features that need to be considered when buying a sensor faucet for direct kitchen sinks. Among these features, comes the environment where the faucet will be installed. It is important that the environment to be located is suitable for the size and height of the faucet.

In order to avoid incompatibility problems, measurements should be made beforehand and the faucet should be preferred in the light of these dimensions. The dimensions of the sink spout should also be taken into consideration.

Sensor faucets for vessel bathroom sinks that can be changed as charged and electric, for electric ones, the proximity of the faucet to the power source is important.

If it is to be located in an area far from the power source, it would be appropriate to choose taps with charged sensors. It is important to have a structure that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

It is a feature that should be considered in order to avoid mounting problems. Among the models produced with or without filter, a choice is made according to the area of ​​use. When purchasing sensor faucets for bathroom sinks, which are important to be durable, attention should be paid to the selection of materials.

Design and color selection is also important in terms of harmony with the bathroom or kitchen. Sensor faucets come in many different designs. The one suitable for the area to be used is preferred. So, contact the experts of Acquaviva to get the best models of sensor faucets for small bathroom sinks.

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