Pick A Bathtub That Checks All The Boxes For Your Luxury Needs

freestanding bathtubs

Choosing a bathtub in a bathroom is not an everyday job. It needs some time come up with a bathtub which suits the daily purpose and also contributes to the aesthetics of the bathroom. And when you have children in the house, you have quite a selection to do. While for some it is not a daily fixture, and for others, it’s a must have, especially for a family with young children. With the abundance of freestanding bathtubs, inset bathtubs etc. we suggest you follow some tips on them.

Freestanding bathtubs

The freestanding bathtubs have the ability to come up as instant focal point in the bathroom but will typically be more expensive than a built in bath. However, for those looking to modernize their space and add to the resale value the inclusion is all but worth it.

The freestanding bathtubs also stand out due to the fact that they have no limitations on where they can be installed, making them extremely versatile and easy to work with within a space. Nevertheless, we as manufacturers of luxury bathtubs recommend that a 150-300mm gap be left around the bath to allow for easy access and cleaning. The freestanding baths or spa baths come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom layout.

Back-to-wall or back-to-corner freestanding baths

freestanding baths

There is no need to compromise on your love toward freestanding baths if you have limited space in your bathroom. They are a great option as they sit back. What’s more? Since they flush against the tiled wall, you need not lose sweat over that extra space allowance around the edge of the bath. Furthermore, the very limited space is where the bathtub of freestyle fits perfectly into a corner along two of its edges.

Inset bath/spa bathtubs

Inset bath

An inset bathtubs or spa bath is most likely the type of bath you grew up with. Going with the demand of present times they are now modernized and come with extra length and a variety of shapes to choose from. However, they can still be characterized by the tile bead around the edges. The beads fully integrate the edges into the tiled wall, creating a water tight seal around the edges. One may find this type of bathtubs most ideal for bathroom set up which has less space or for a shower over bath installation.

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