Let Your Skin Breath In Purity With Refreshing Ion Spa Bathtubs From Acquaviva

Spa Bathtubs

We all know for a fact that the toxins and chemicals from environmental pollution or otherwise takes a toll on our skin. Being the exposed layer of the body that skin is, there is always a need to keep it moisturized, hydrated for the purpose of both cleansing and detoxification. In other words, the skin literally needs some breath of fresh air once in a while! To do so, the ion spa is your go-to method for a perfect detoxification. With the availability of ion spa which can be used both at home and commercial spaces, you are not too far away from relaxation and gradual cleansing of your pores.

Ion spa uses the intuitive technology to ensure that the skin detoxifies at the time negative ions discharge from the device which quickly enter in your body and gradually improve the skin condition. The ion spa system facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. It is a rather commonplace for the ion spas to be using both brass and stainless-steel electrodes, which clean, balance and enhances bioenergy. These are known as the vital force present in the body’s fluids. Ion spa, a method of detoxification is extremely beneficial in increasing mental and physical energy and revitalizes, increases stamina while voiding the body of chemicals, pollution, radiation, synthetics, toxins coupled with many other foreign substances which are trapped in layers of the skin. When the skin layer gets trapped by such toxins and harmful chemicals, the natural process of cleaning the skin is hindered.

Blame it on the poor lifestyle or the sheer environmental condition we live in, our body tends to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric and hepatic acids. This only gets worsened with poor diet and stress. Such is the severity of such acidic accumulation in the body that it can attack joints, muscles, organs and glands causing minor to major dysfunction. Much as we know that it is virtually impossible to maintain vitality as we age amidst high-tech, high-stress lives and acidic diets, an alkaline environment is ideal throughout the body. The ionic spa bathtubs are thus an oasis of sorts which cleanses the body off the effect of the walk along the beach and is probably more effective too. When you immerse the body under ion enriched water, millions of ions enter your body in seconds. This aids tissue stimulation thereby relieving your body of stress and cramps in the spine and other joints. More importantly, it begins the neutralization of tissue acid waste.

By and large it has been reported that most people immediately experience an increased sense of well-being and heightened energy. Regardless of age and gender, the ion spa bath in the specially designed bathtubs can lead to an elevation of mental clarity. Women who look to keep their body aesthetics toned and curvy can also benefit from the whole body purification.

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