Let Your Bathroom Shine With Its Own Light: The Golden Taps Are Here!


Who said that the old had no place in the design of your bathroom? As you’ve heard more than once, any past time was better.

At Acquaviva, experts have taken this phrase very seriously and have inspired their faucet series in the designs and shapes of classic, with a gold finish that gives it a unique look in which modernity and tradition is perfectly fused.

If you are thinking of changing the faucet in your bathroom, keep reading, because this interests you!

Discover The New Series, The Faucet With A Gold Finish

Although the vast majority of classic-style taps still incorporate two crossheads to regulate the water flow (one for cold and one for hot), Acquaviva have opted for a single-lever option that provides greater comfort and reduces water consumption.

Their wide range of faucets having gold finish give perfect flow of water but without altering its traditional aesthetics at all.

The series has all the options you need to equip your bathroom however you want: for the washbasin you have single-lever or built-in taps, as well as for the bidet; and in the bathtub you can have showers, both recessed and open.

So you can choose the option that best matches your bathroom without giving up the particular style of this series!

When choosing the bathroom taps, various variables must be taken into consideration, such as the bathroom fixtures and accessories on which we are going to install them, the necessary distances between the surfaces and the use we want to make of them.

In choosing each element, practicality and ergonomics must also be evaluated. It is essential to always keep in mind who will be the main user of the room, thus also evaluating his specific needs, such as the installation height.

Golden taps are appearing more and more often in the bathroom. A beautiful gold faucet gives a glamorous touch to your bathroom. The gold taps are available in two finishes: shiny or glossy gold and brushed, mat or brushed gold. Gold faucets are ideal if you want to create a timeless and trendy look.

If you want to add that little extra to your bathroom, go for a gold faucet. It adapts to the most varied interiors. It’s up to you to dream.

Gold faucets placed on a dark tile or painted wall are like an art object. Combined with some golden accessories, they create a warm and luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom.

Do you dream of an industrial style in which concrete and raw natural materials play the main role? Then consider using gold bathroom faucets. In this case, opt for brushed or matte gold taps.

A golden sink faucet or a golden shower faucet, combined with marble (natural stone or ceramic), exults luxury! The refined cachet of marble is enhanced by the soft glow of golden taps and accessories.

Finally, golden taps also have their place in rural bathrooms or kitchens. Vintage shapes and the matte cachet of a gold kitchen faucet or sink faucet contribute to the retro look.

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