How to Pick the Right Overflow Bathtub for Your Bathroom Space?

Float Overflow Bathtub

The highlight of the bathroom, the bathtub meets criteria that are as practical as they are aesthetic. From the simplest model to the well-being bathtub, easily find the one that suits you by following our advice.

What type of tub to choose?

The back-to-back bathtub

A great classic in the world of the bathtub, the attached bathtub requires, as its name suggests, to be leaning on a wall (or two, or three). But ultimately more so classic, the attached bathtub has now diversified into several formats and offers particularly comfortable and modern solutions.

The corner bath

Small in size, the corner bathtub is suitable for all spaces without sacrificing comfort. Beyond its practicality, the aesthetics of the corner bathtub add a very trendy character to your water feature.

The freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is not just sanitary ware, but also a luxurious decor item that shapes the atmosphere in the bathroom and sets the mood at any time of the day. Many buyers want to install such a bathtub in their home, but not everyone wants to buy it: someone does not have enough space, someone doubts that they will be able to cope with the installation, and someone simply does not dare to do something new.

But if you want to upgrade your bathroom? The freestanding bathtub is made for you! With its timeless design and total independence, this very trendy model, placed in the middle of the bathroom, brings an unmistakable “palace” touch. The main constraint of the free-standing bathtub is to be able to ensure the arrival and evacuation of water with pipes hidden in the ground.

A freestanding bathtub present in a bathroom is not just any normal household item. It can be used as a decorative item, a health zone, and a stylish object that attracts attention. Freestanding bathtubs make it possible to diversify the interior. This type of bathtub can be placed in the center of a room or against a wall – there are endless ways to decorate your interior with such bathtubs and give an impressive effect to your home.

Overflow bathtub

Original and luxurious, the overflow bathtub uses the principle of swimming pools of the same type to make bathing an unparalleled pleasure. Like infinity pools, these tubs bring the water up to beach level. It then flows into a shell surrounding the bathtub.

Particularly aesthetic and design, the overflow bathtub multiplies the pleasures of the bath and becomes a decorative element in its own right.

The spa bath

For total relaxation, the outdoor spa bathtub offers various massage jets in the water. While it is available in a large format that can even accommodate two people, the spa bath is also available in a corner version to find its place even in small bathrooms.

What dimensions of the bathtub to choose from?

The size of the bathtub is to be chosen according to two factors:

  • The space is available in the bathroom.
  • Your personal desires: do you want to fully lengthen your legs or keep your knees bent? Would you like to get into the bathtub together?

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