How to Enhance the Look of a Bath Space When You Buy Bathroom Shower?

Classical Hand Shower with Hook and Tube Brush Bronze Finish

Everybody wants to experience high-end luxury when they buy bathroom showers, but it is not easy to acquire.  Large bathrooms can provide you with the privilege of more space to add extra elements. But tiny bathrooms can be challenging.

There are, however, a few things that can be done in a tiny area to instantly improve the look and feel of any bathroom. We’ve listed three personalized additions that you can make to your bathing experience today.

Ways of Enhancing:-

Invest In the RIGHT SHAPE

Shower enclosures are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Choosing the most appropriate one when you buy bathroom showers, might be difficult, But don’t worry; we’ll assist you in making the best decision for your chosen level of comfort and style.

First, let’s start with picking the right shape of your showers

  • Straight: Ideal for bathrooms with a little more space. Acquaviva’s straight designer shower is a wonderfully elegant fit for this room.
  • T-Shaped: A T-shaped shower encloses and divides the Toilet and shower regions with a single piece of glass.
  • Pentagon: A pentagon shower enclosure is another great alternative for little bathrooms because it can be easily fitted in a corner.
  • L-shaped: Curved or L-shaped bathrooms have rated the top when it comes to shower enclosures. Excellent for the corner area. Trust Acquaviva to deliver you these selections; we guarantee you’ll have a relaxing and revitalizing day.
  • U-Shaped: a spatial option for bathrooms with thin walls, U-shaped shower enclosures can be erected before a wall, to serve as a barrier between different spaces. Acquaviva offers to provide a touch of contemporary to the bath area design with their bathroom accessories.


There are several door choices for building your shower enclosures, including framed and frameless ones.

Choose one that complements and enhances the look of your room.

Sliding: Specifically made to be space-saving alternatives to the conventional style. Sliding shower doors are available in single and double door configurations for any bathroom type.

Hinged: Ideal for rectangular-shaped showering enclosures, it glides open outward, making them more ideal for larger bathrooms.


Investing in the printed expression on the glass when you buy bathroom shower for your space can be a wonderful method to control the style and vibe of your space. These glass arrangements are available in a range of options and make a lovely accent to the bathroom.

  1. Geometric: Geometric lines give homage to traditional architecture’s slatted screens, bringing this artistic expression into the modern world.
  2. Tangle: Entwined lines bouncing on the glass door give your shower a sense of creativity.
  3. Mizzle: The mizzle design enshrouds one in the artistic picture of cloud & rain, thanks to its asymmetrical falling patterns.
  4. Tryst: In your bathing space, the playful combination of shapes evokes emergence & flow.

One Last Thing

All of the options listed above are beneficial, but keep in mind that they will only be successful if you get a high-quality brand when you buy bathroom showers.

Visit Acquaviva to see our large selection of high-quality showers.

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