How Sensor Faucets Have Become The Future

Sensor Faucets

Sensor faucets, which are complementary to the new generation, modern and stylish bathroom decoration, go beyond adding a stylish atmosphere to your home, and are a candidate for a sensitive approach to the ever-depleted water resources of our world.

Experts state that innovative thinking is needed in their designs so that bathroom can serve in more hygienic conditions and that small-scale changes can be very effective in combating coronavirus and similar epidemics.

The idea of ​​using sensor faucets that detect the movement of hands and that you can open without touching them should be considered.

In addition to a pleasant ergonomic design, sensor faucets without the usual levers and valves have a lot of useful operational advantages. Such faucets differ from the usual plumbing by the ability to regulate the water supply without touching.

The essence of the technology is to use a special infrared indicator for water flow control, which reacts to human hands, turning on or switching water.

Such unique functionality has long been to the taste of many foreign and public institutions, shopping centers, recreation centers and premium hotels.

But the real usefulness and comfort in combination with the currently affordable price allowed contactless mixers to gradually move to home kitchens, becoming a real “must have” device for any modern kitchen space.

The range of settings of such mixers allows them to fully optimize their operation in accordance with the requirements and needs of the user. Depending on the model, you can adjust the long-term water supply after fixing the movement, the time before turning on or off the tap (for example, water will not flow immediately, but 2-3 seconds after raising the hands), the sensitivity zone.

The advantages of sensor faucets over classic sanitary ware are associated, to a greater extent, with modern trends in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of home equipment, as well as the comfort of their use:

Sensor faucets save on utility bills. Admit it, everyone has had a situation when, in the daily hustle and bustle, you yourself or other household members left the water to flow, completely forgetting about it.

These faucets cyclically or after you remove your hands from the sensor will automatically turn off the tap, relieving you of unnecessary nerves and worries. By properly regulating the flow of water, they will in any case reduce the monthly bills.

Benefits for the environment. The sensor faucets will surely appeal to fans of progressive “green” technologies. Their use allows to reduce the unnecessary consumption of water in the kitchen by 70%.

Cleanliness and tidiness. Thanks to this solution, there is no need to move the valve regulator to open it. You can quickly wash your hands or food while cooking without leaving dirt and food debris on the faucet regulator.

Safety. The use of contactless faucets will completely eliminate such annoying moments as getting burned from too hot water in the tap or, on the contrary, the unpleasant sensations of washing hands in ice water. You can set a comfortable temperature in advance.

Exclusive in the kitchen. Touch faucets perfectly suit modern minimalist interiors and amaze guests with their impeccable appearance (some models even have jet illumination in accordance with the temperature).

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