High end faucets: an aesthetic and functional element of a bathroom

High end Faucets

A faucet is not just a plumbing device responsible for the comfort and safety of using the water supply, but also a true decoration of the kitchen or bathroom interior.

Bathroom faucets from indispensable accessories of family life have become a real piece of furniture to be chosen with extreme care both from a purely aesthetic point of view, and from the point of view of the quality and reliability of the product.

Every year the world’s leading manufacturers of bathing solutions release new collections, including faucets for bathtubs, washbasins, bidets, showers and kitchen sinks. Top-class products combine progressive design solutions with innovative design ideas.

The choice of a particular model, as a rule, is determined by the aesthetic preferences and financial capabilities of the consumer.


When reforming a home, the ideal is to pay attention to each of the details. The bathroom is an essential part of the house, this is why taking care of the selection of faucets will be a safe bet. A good high end designer faucet can save water, become a long-term investment and bless your bathroom with beauty and durability.

The shower faucet is a functionally essential part for mixing hot and cold water. The variety of models on the market is very wide. Therefore, the choice is difficult to make.

Technological progress affects all aspects of life, and bathroom equipment is no exception. More and more often, shower enclosures are equipped with faucets having the best technology to save water.

The choice of plumbing and accessories for it is a serious matter, because the quality of the work of all the components determines the comfort during hygienic and water procedures- the water temperature, the pressure, the accuracy of adjusting these indicators, as well as the service life of the device and the ease of replacement in case of breakdown.

At some point even the most reliable faucet gives up- a new one is needed. But what does it cost? Depends on. For example, whether you want one with a special design or special functions.

The range of modern faucets allows you to choose such mechanisms for almost any interior: from ultra-modern to retro style.

Design, retro, contemporary or modern, the faucets are what give the final touch to your bathroom design. In the faucets department, a wide range is available to you, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between things.

The high-end designer faucets with high quality material are manufactured using innovative processes ensuring performance and longevity. Whether you want to create a classic or designer bathroom, you will find different types of faucets that meet your needs.

For your comfort, there is a vast range provided by Acquaviva. The high-end faucets are available in different finishes and colors to satisfy all your desires, so you can coordinate your decoration and bring color into your bathroom.

And beyond the design, these high end faucets have a most pleasant touch and adopt shapes that suit many combinations, they have become an attractive and innovative object.

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