Gold: A Truly Trendy Material To Decorate Your Bathroom

gold bathromms

Far from being reserved for luxury hotels and palaces, far from its reputation as an old-fashioned and cheap decoration material, gold is more than ever the colour to follow. This colour/material has been able to reinvent itself to shine in the spotlight of the world of interior design.

You still have to know where to start so as not to fall into the too much. The art of gold lies in lightness and subtlety. Here are our tips to apply to handle gold in the bathroom like a real interior designer.

What elements of the bathroom to adopt in gold?

To be in the era of time, the golden will appear in small touches in the bathroom. No to gilded effect wall panels, gold imitation sinks and other superfluous items that will give your room an air of luxury.

The golden taps, you had to think about it! However, there lies all the charm of a bathroom decorated with style.

What makes a pretty golden faucet are its materials.

The most refined and minimalist design possible gives all its glory to the colour of the material. The gold finish mixers are modern and will find their place in all bathroom renovation projects.

Rose gold: an interior design trend for a bathroom that has spice

The colours gold, rose gold or copper gold now occupy a full position in the world of jewelry and interior accessories. The timeless allure of gold creates, in combination with a subtle copper hue, a refined cachet. The brushed finish adds an extra touch of luxury.

No one will be surprised to see Rose Gold more and more present in bathrooms. Examples include the beautiful lavatory faucet in Rose Gold or a luxurious walk-in shower with a Rose Gold finish.

More Rose Gold in your bathroom

You want to use this trendy colour throughout the bathroom. Go for a bathroom faucet collection that you can wrap all the faucets in Rose Gold in. By opting for a sink faucet, a bath faucet and a shower faucet in the same colour, you will directly bring a new dimension to your bathroom.

Which colors to combine Rose Gold with?

What is captivating about this unique color that is robust and warm at the same time is that you can use it to create totally different atmospheres.

Rose Gold combines perfectly with pastel colors. Soft colours and materials enhance the beauty of carefully chosen items. Consider, for example, colours like baby blue, pistachio, lilac or mint green. You will thus bring a slightly more feminine touch and a more vintage atmosphere.

In addition to these popular colours, Rose Gold can also go perfectly with rough concrete textures or aged wood. Rose Gold evokes a little the copper colour.

The bright red of the copper is a little less marked and offers a host of possibilities to add warmth to a cold bathroom. If you go for a sturdy mix like this, your bathroom will be a real eye-catcher.

Or, to finish, opt for a sober, neutral background to highlight the Brushed Rose Gold bathroom. Black, gray or beige is ideal for this purpose. Watch out for other metallic colors: there can only be one dominant color.

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