Get A Luxurious Bathing Experience With Exposed Thermostatic Shower Panel

Thermostatic Shower Panel

There are many things in life that can provide us with comfort and enjoyment, and bathing is one of them. According to scientific research, bathing is when the body is most relaxed.

In order to satisfy consumers’ high-quality bathing enjoyment, shower manufacturers have introduced luxurious shower systems to help you enjoy a more comfortable bath.

Often, when renovating the bathroom, you may want to replace the old bathtub to install a large shower: this is a more modern and undoubtedly more practical solution.

In this regard, it is possible, for example, to purchase shower panels with or without thermostatic mixers. In this blog, you will find useful information about thermostatic mixers, their function and much more. Let’s get started right away!

Thermostatic mixers are products that are installed inside or outside the shower column and are used to automatically adjust the water temperature; moreover, their use guarantees a very high water saving.

It is possible to install the mixers in the sanitary facilities either individually or with multiple systems. The exposed thermostatic shower panel provided by Acquaviva gives us the possibility to install it in our bathroom without making any damage to the existing shower system.

One of the main benefits of buying such a shower panel is that it will give your bathroom a luxurious and comfortable touch as it has two functionalities- hand shower and rain shower.

The exposed shower system has several advantages over closed models. The main one is ease of maintenance. Almost all structural elements are located outside, so in the event of a breakdown, you will not have to dismantle the decorative finish of the bathroom.

Installing them is in fact very easy and fast. With the use of thermostatic mixers it is also possible to safeguard water resources, making a more informed use and saving money on the electricity bill.

A shower column with thermostatic mixer is also more convenient because it adjusts the water temperature automatically, based on a sensor that detects it and keeps it constant.

Finally, the last great advantage deriving from the installation of a thermostatic mixer is that concerning safety: it will in fact be impossible to burn yourself!

What types of shower columns without thermostatic mixers can you choose?

As already mentioned, many models of shower columns without thermostatic mixers are sold on the market, the cost of which varies according to the functions and quality of the product.

The products of this type are, for example, exposed thermostatic shower panel, which in addition to being innovative and functional, give a more contemporary look to the bathroom, being also real furnishing accessories.

There is no shortage of full optional solutions, such as shower columns with body jets, waterfalls, rain showers for bathroom, and overhead rain showers with LED light, luxury shower systems with mist flow and intense flow.

The dimensions of the shower columns (with or without mixers) are quite large and often occupy the vertical part of a wall almost entirely: for this reason, attention must be paid to the choice of shapes and finishes.

For more information, contact the experts of Acquaviva, resolve your doubts and choose the option that suits you best.

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