Freestanding Bathtub, the Most Elegant Solution for Your Bathroom

Freestanding Bathtub, the Most Elegant Solution for Your Bathroom

Recently, fashion has changed significantly. And these changes affected everything, including the bathtubs. More recently, mankind could not have imagined that soon the bathtubs would be presented in such a wide range.

Everyday life brings us stress and nervousness: during the hours we accumulate a lot of waste that brings us negativity. It is for this reason that we need a place where we can relax that is not only functional but also welcoming: this place is the bathroom.

To be so, however, it is necessary that it is comfortable and above all that all the elements are in harmony; an elegant choice for the bathroom is that of freestanding bathtubs, with a truly unique and particular style and design.

The freestanding bathtub is a very original solution for a bathroom, but it also has many advantages. It is not only an elegant but at the same time versatile object, and also a functional complement.

Freestanding bathtub with shower is in fact isolated from the other elements of the bathroom and can be installed anywhere in the room; this makes it a good solution in case it is necessary to insert a tub inside a bathroom where it was not foreseen.

Those who choose a freestanding bathtub do so to choose a complement with a refined and at the same time original design, which makes any kind of environment special and welcoming. It is the ideal choice for large rooms, but it is possible to find many models even in smaller sizes, in order to find the right bathtub for every bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub, when to install it

Before deciding whether to install a freestanding bathtub or not, it is necessary to make some evaluations, primarily of a spatial type. The freestanding bathtubs, in fact, since they do not share any side with the walls, must be installed in a different point of the room. This, of course, requires bathrooms of (at least) above average capacity.

Furthermore, freestanding bathtubs should only be installed if the bathroom is aesthetically compatible. Even the most sober and sparse freestanding bathtub, in fact, still produces a minimal or, on the other hand, classic effect. In any case, very different from traditional tubs. The risk is to recreate the classic punch in the eye.

The freestanding bathtub is especially popular nowadays. According to experts, the high rating is due to:

  • Creating a luxurious interior;
  • A large selection of sizes, shapes and materials of the bathroom;
  • Lack of mediocrity.

Before you buy a bathtub, it is important to know the specifics of the new purchase.


  • A freestanding bathtub can installed anywhere in the bathroom, for example, in a corner, in the middle or on a pedestal;
  • Variety of forms. Here the choice is not limited to round, square and triangular modifications. It is possible to install an asymmetric design;
  • Disguise of plumbing units.

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