Freestanding Bathtub: Perfect Synthesis between Modernity and Retro Taste

free standing bath tubs with feet

Do you have a large bathroom or a spacious bedroom? Do you have to install a bathtub and are you fed up with the usual models with traditional design? If the answer is yes, there is an innovative solution, an excellent synthesis between modernity and retro accents, and comes from the boundless universe of bathroom ceramics: it is called a freestanding bathtub.

Not everyone, in fact, is happy to use the shower, or as we said earlier, to rely on the usual bathtubs with the standard layout; after a long and perhaps demanding day of work there is nothing more regenerating than taking refreshment in a spacious tub, even better if positioned in the center of your room to increase the feeling of well-being.

For these specific needs, the ideal solution is represented by freestanding bathtubs. In many cases these are very particular elements, in terms of shapes and sizes; some of them have a very beautiful and scenographic visual impact. A particular installation is reserved for a freestanding bathtub, which can even take place in environments other than the bathroom, such as the living room or the bedroom.

In the market it is possible to find freestanding bathtubs in three specific shapes: oval, square and irregular. A freestanding bathtub will give your bathroom an unparalleled charm and elegance, offering solutions suitable for any style, from retro to the most modern and contemporary design. In this article we will focus in particular on this model of bathtub, which represents a niche product, the choice of which is however conditioned, first of all, by the size of the rooms available. In fact, for smaller spaces, the use of built-in bathtubs is more commonly used.

Freestanding bathtub: a trendy choice

Freestanding tubs are establishing themselves with increasing strength on the market and represent a trendy choice for those who want to give a touch of refinement to their bathroom furniture. In recent years, there was a real boom in consensus for this type of product. But why choose a freestanding bathtub?

Let’s try to answer this question. In the first place, if you prefer it, you will be the one to decide where exactly you want to place it, be it inside the bathroom or in your bedroom; in any case, you will get an improvement in the design of the whole environment. There is also another aspect to consider: a freestanding bathtub is not attached to the wall and, consequently, its maintenance will be much easier. The commercial offer also includes freestanding bathtubs with feet, with which the tub will be raised a few centimeters from the floor.

We come now to talk about dimensions. The freestanding bathtubs are smaller than the traditional ones and have lines and heights of the edges that allow you to comfortably rest your shoulders, neck, and head, for a greater relaxation effect. We also want to underline that, for freestanding installation, it is necessary to choose a model approved for the specific type of installation, in other words specially designed. It is also essential to have a particular predisposition of the water system, which is different from the traditional one.

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