Deco Trend: Black Bathroom Inspiration

Deco Trend Black Bathroom Inspiration

Whether in total look or in small touches on your walls, ceilings, furniture or even inlaid in your taps, black immediately brings charm and elegance to a room.

Opting for a black kitchen or bathroom is above all surfing the trend. In addition to being timeless, it is a shade that combines perfectly with many materials and colours. Its magical power: its ability to adapt to any universe from modern to industrial style.

So, fear no longer, dare black, it will easily find its place in your interior and will have the privilege of not going unnoticed.

A black tap, for more design

Renovating your bathroom or kitchen goes first and foremost by changing the taps. If you are tired of chrome faucets, black could be a great alternative.

Being a real place of relaxation where we love to spend time to relax and unwind, the bathroom is the room in the house that must be carefully maintained and why not renovated!

If you have planned renovations for your bathroom but are lacking inspiration, don’t panic, the decor trend this year is black. Well linked to its sad image, black is now synonymous with design!

Black gives your room a contemporary and modern look, which can perfectly match any other style and personal taste.

Which faucet and shower column to choose for an elegant black bathroom?

Symbol of elegance par excellence, the black colour is ideal for revamping your bathroom and for enjoying a modern space, both minimalist and sophisticated.

And to succeed in this makeover, you must choose the elements and accessories for your future bathroom. These are the faucets and the shower columns that will enhance your relaxation area.

The combination of black and rose gold is simply irresistible and glamorous. To add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, opt for modern design faucets and shower columns in black colour with a rose gold finish.

Acquaviva have a large “Black and Rose Gold Universe” range for your greatest happiness. The black taps have been in production for years and are perfect for a contemporary, modern bathroom. There are many models, for all budgets, suitable both for a more classic style (with rounded and soft shapes) and for a contemporary style with cleaner, simple, linear lines.

The black taps embellish the bathroom with a touch of refined contemporaneity. For some years now, black taps have been increasingly in demand, a trend that continues to this day. Generally with a matte finish, black taps add an elegant and personal touch to the bathroom.

Among the black taps, there are both models with modern, minimalist and contemporary lines, and with more classic and sinuous shapes, regardless of whether they are single-hole mixers or with knobs.

Devoted to sustainability, black taps also save energy and water thanks to cold opening systems and water flow limiters.

If you are one of those who enjoy rewriting the rules and reinventing your world over and over again, the black sink or shower taps are perfect for your bathroom renovation

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