Create A Source Of Well-Being At Your Home With Outdoor Spa

Create A Source Of Well-Being At Your Home With Outdoor Spa

Imagine a beautifully designed health and fitness center conveniently located within your home. The outdoor spa made it possible! These spas represent the most complete and versatile synthesis between well-being and design.

The hot water swirled by the many jets massages and caresses the whole body, relaxes the nerves, activates the muscles and blood circulation. Treat yourself to moments of pleasant relaxation and well-being directly at your home. Acquaviva offers you a choice of outdoor spas and whirlpool bathtubs, from the most classic to the most modern and minimal design ones. With an outdoor spa, you can:

  • Get a wellness corner in your home
  • Choose the tub that best suits you
  • Just think about relaxing in your new tub

Whatever well-being you are looking for, the outdoor spas are ready to offer you, giving shape to your desires and guaranteeing you an experience of absolute well-being and uncompromising performance

Time to be alone and home spa

Taking time to be alone has become a growing trend: people increasingly devote time to themselves, doing what gives them pleasure. The bathroom, especially when we spend more time at home, is increasingly being used for body care and relaxation.

Thanks to new technologies and modern equipment, the experience in the bathroom is becoming more and more personalized.

Innovative solutions such as outdoor spas allow you to enjoy moments of relaxation exactly according to your preferences and customize the spa system to suit your mood and needs. It allows you to combine all the benefits of massage, chromotherapy, and music therapy to relieve stress and achieve maximum well-being.

The outdoor spas and free-standing bathtubs also help to take care of your well-being. Not so long ago, the spa pool was associated exclusively with expensive hotels and sanatoriums. Today, a high-quality whirlpool bath for home and summer cottages can be bought at an affordable price.

A quality spa pool meets high criteria for ergonomics, durability, and safety. Therefore, when purchasing a complex for water procedures, you need to give preference to products from well-known manufacturers, like Acquaviva.

Why buy a SPA pool?

The outdoor spa is a great place to enjoy your time with health benefits. It can be installed both outdoors and indoors. By purchasing a spa pool, you can get the following benefits:

Relax and unwind in warm oxygen-enriched water. Quality whirlpool baths are equipped with jets and a water heating system. This will allow you to relax in water at a pleasant temperature for your body at any convenient time. This procedure effectively relieves muscle tension and dilates blood vessels.

Water gymnastics: While in a full spa pool, you can perform simple yet effective muscle strengthening exercises.

Hydromassage: the water circulating in the bowl under high pressure acts on certain parts of the body, which helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and improve the contours of the body.

Spa pools are characterized by simple installation, both outdoors and indoors. You can use this equipment all year round.

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