Black Taps: A Surprising Touch In Your Bathroom

black faucets

The taps can be very classic, ultra-modern or rather retro. If chrome and stainless steel are the most common finishes, black has made a comeback and is establishing itself as the trendy and chic colour.

You should not be afraid of the dark in decoration. Trendy, sober and refined, black is the prerogative of elegance. This “non-colour” sublimates our interiors while providing a certain depth.

Matte or shiny black, brushed, the bathroom is no exception to the trend. The black tap fits in particular wonderfully in an industrial bathroom.

A black and white bathroom is sure to be synonymous with good taste. Black marks the contours, it defines the volumes and accentuates the lines.

Would you like to have a modern bathroom? The latest trends in bathrooms go in one direction: black. The new black series, in addition to black bathroom screens, incorporates a wide variety of black shower and bath taps.

On the website of Acquaviva, you can find various black faucets for the washbasin, bidet or shower. The black faucet, without a doubt, is the latest trend in modern bathrooms and toilets.

Black is not necessarily a color that we associate with bathrooms. And yet, your bathroom will take on an elegant look with a black touch.

You do not dare to choose a piece of furniture entirely ebony? How about starting with black faucets in your bathroom? It’s the latest trend in bathroom design and it’s worth checking out!

Black, a classic

In the fashion world, we regularly announce the “return of black” and everyone knows it: black is a safe bet. This is also the case for your bathroom decoration.

By opting for classic shades, such as white and black, you can’t go wrong! Be careful not to overdo it: nobody likes bathrooms where it is dark and gloomy.

Black taps: a subtle decoration in the bathroom

The magic is in the details. If you want to give your bathroom a real designer glow, you will need to choose your furniture and colours with care. Black taps will immediately catch the eye, for example, and they should be given a neutral background.

As with many interior design trends, we often wonder how long it will last. Yet when it comes to black, its sleek, classy appeal doesn’t budge in the long run, whether it’s your next chair, your couch, or your faucet.

Adding a touch of elegance to any space, black has a timeless appeal. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right black bathroom or kitchen faucet that stands the test of time? We have put together a simple checklist.

Is black coming back? It may never have left. A deep, elegant colour that when paired with lighter hues can add a touch of class to any room- an interior design trend suitable for any space that continues to live on. And this colour is increasingly making its way into bathrooms and kitchens around the world.

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