Why You Should Go For Air Head Shower?

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Bathroom design would be the most undervalued room in any house. From providing you with the relieving feel and giving you the Eureka moment, you can achieve such things just by giving a little renovation touch to your bathroom.

Renovation is not only about giving your bathroom an aesthetic appealing by reconstruction but with some up-gradation of your old utility could give you an essence of pleasure.

However, if you don’t want to spend too much time and expense over the innovation of the bathroom then upgrading your ordinary shower into a cosy jet stream shower. You can also try the air showers if you want to give a modern look to your bathroom. Let’s look at some benefits that why you should go with air showers.

  1. Less Water UsesVarious studies have shown that the average household uses of the shower are typically the third largest water usage rate after washing machines and toilets. Thanks to the in-built aeration unit of air showers, the flaw of 100% water becomes 70% water and 30% air. This reduces the usage of extra water and reduces water consumption.
  2. Work with low water pressure:If you are living in a high rise building and face shower leakage often, then an air shower would be an excellent choice for you! Not only it fixes your shower leaks but also very beneficial for those buyers who are cursed with low water pressure. The aeration technology creates a powerful jet of water even in low water pressure and you can feel the joy of the hydro pools.
  3. Soothing EnvironmentThe flow of air shower produces air bubbles that trapped in a water droplet and giving the stream a steady flow with proper water pressure. Its shower covers the wider range and uses less water. Thus, the stream of this shower is lighter and cooler.


  4. Keep Skin HealthyThe air showerhead comes with Rubit technologies that ensure water cleanliness and enhance its longevity and durability. The touch of gentle water keeps your skin smooth and the clean water makes your skin healthy.

These benefits are enough for you to upgrade your old showerhead and turn it into luxuries and water saving. If you’re also a fan of quality and standard, then Acquaviva is an excellent place for you to check!

They provide you with a wide range of bathroom accessories by that you can transform your bathroom into a personal wellness zone so that you can give yourself a stress-free bath.

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