Why Hand Held Types are Better Between Shower Head and Hand Shower

Why Hand Held Types Are Better Between ShowerHead and Hand Shower

Shower heads and hand shower are not the same as showerheads that are installed on the wall. As you might expect, when compared to traditional static showerheads, detachable hand-held showerheads offer more flexibility and reach.

We’ll go over some of the reasons why they’re a better option than simply replacing your showerheads in this blog.


Hand-held shower heads take up more area in your shower than fixed showerheads due to their relative complexity when compared to fixed showerheads. For others, this can be a problem, particularly if they want a very basic bathroom design. They come in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes, but whether or not they match your bathroom’s esthetic will depend on your specific configuration.


One of the most prominent reasons that handheld showerheads are preferred over shower heads and hand showers is because they are more versatile. Showerheads that are fastened to the wall can’t be moved around very much. Hand-held shower heads are attached to the wall by a flexible hose that is then installed on the wall.

This makes them an excellent choice for families because they can be lowered to accommodate showering little children. This is especially beneficial for elderly or disabled people who shower while seated!


Another amazing characteristic of these showerheads is that they are detachable, as the name implies. This function gives you significantly greater control over the shower’s water stream, making it simple to clean specific areas. This increased level of control, on the other hand, can be beneficial in instances where you need to keep a specific portion of your body dry, such as an injury!

On a side note, we all know how difficult it is to bathe your pet outside, and a hand-held showerhead can come in handy. Simply unscrew it from the mount and use a much more precise and regulated spray of water!

The cleaning factors

Hand-held shower heads are also incredibly beneficial when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. As previously said, they can provide a much more focused stream of water to reach difficult spots. Not only can this help you clean your shower and bathroom, but it can also help you clean your house!

Your handheld showerhead can be a quick and easy way to rinse your problem areas after you’ve finished scrubbing them down, whether you’re deep cleaning your shower, glass, bathroom grout, or everything in between.


You may believe that the choice between a shower head and a hand shower is solely a matter of personal preference and circumstance. Hand showers, on the other hand, are significantly more useful, as evidenced by the point mentioned above. Visit Acquaviva’s online store for more information about our fixed and hand-held showerheads.


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