Why Corner Tubs Are Popular In India For Small Households?

Why Corner Tubs Are Popular In India For Small Households?

One of the best bathtubs for small bathrooms in India is a corner tub. It can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit into corners, but it is most frequently triangular. It is bordered on two sides by walls. Usually, more than one bather can fit inside of it.


This post will discuss the benefits of installing a corner bathtub in your bathroom as well as what makes one unique.

It Is Ideal For Compact Spaces


For bathrooms with oddly inclined walls or little available floor space, corner baths are suitable. A corner tub might make the most of the available floor space in your bathroom by tucking a luxurious bath for two into an empty corner.


A stand-alone tub, a drop-in tub, or an under-mounted tub can be constructed for your corner tub. It may merely offer the advantages of a soaking tub or it may be designed to additionally serve as a shower.


Using the space-saving feature of a corner tub will give you more freedom of movement in your bathroom, giving it a more spacious and inviting feel. You may create the ideal private refuge in your bathroom’s peaceful alcove by installing a corner tub.


Corner bathtubs are among the greatest types of bathtubs for tiny bathrooms in India because they are available in a range of sizes. The smallest item measures 48 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 19 to 20 inches in height. On average, large corner tubs are 72 inches long, with a height that is equal to that of their smaller counterparts. They can accommodate up to four people, therefore.


Some benefits of adding a corner tub in your bathroom include the ones listed below:

  1. Although not quite as common as its rectangular counterpart, the corner tub has a distinctive aesthetic that can raise the elegance of your bathroom.
  2. The corner bathtub’s capacity to fit in tighter spaces than a square tub is undoubtedly its greatest benefit. Moving on with the layout and design will make more room available for the bathroom’s centre.
  3. The corner tub is an integral part of the makeover of the handicapped bathroom because it is made to accommodate many bathers.


One of India’s best bathtub options for small bathrooms is a corner tub. Since they are bathtubs made to fit into corners, they are practical, stylish, and ingenious because they give your bathroom more floor area. These bathtubs are compact but nonetheless give the owner a pleasant soaking experience.


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