What Are The Best-Heated Towel Rail Options Acquaviva Offers In 2022?

What Are The Best-Heated Towel Rail Options Acquaviva Offers In 2022?

A heated towel rail will not only warm your towels, but it will also help to warm the temperature of the bathroom, reduce moisture, and add beauty to any bathroom. If you are looking for a trusted provider of Heated towel rails in India, Acqauviva is here to help. Here are the three types of everything we offer:-


1. Standard ladder rail: It is the most common kind of Heated towel rails, consisting of two vertical rails and many horizontal rails. They come in a variety of widths and heights to fit into any bathroom. In bathrooms with limited floor space, wall-mounted units can be used instead of standard towel rails.


 2. Freestanding: These are the standard hot towel rail systems, which give a lot of placement and use freedom. The device is easy to set up and use, using only a standard household electricity.


3. Individually heated rails: these have a connecting strip inserted into the wall instead of vertical rails, and only the horizontal rails are visible. This is a rail system with a clean look.


4. Hard-Wired or Plug-In Heated Towel Rail: A plug-in gadget connects to a wall socket in India much like any other piece of electrical equipment. As a result, a plug-in unit is less secure than a hard-wired system, necessitating extra safeguards to safeguard the environment. If a heated towel rail in India is installed inside a shower or directly above a bathtub.


5. Heated towel rail with thermostat: This feature allows users to set the temperature to a certain level. Using a touch-screen thermostat, you can program your heated towel rail to turn on in the morning, even before you wake up. You may even program it to turn off at a certain time, saving energy while it’s not in use.


6. Tip for installation: A professional electrician must install hard-wired units since they must be integrated into the home’s electrical infrastructure. The wiring to a wall switch or smart timer is hidden via hardwiring. Both systems can be controlled with an on/off switch or even a timer. Using a timer, you may switch on your towel rail each day before bathing or showering, ensuring that it is warm and welcoming when you depart.


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These days, heated towel rails are trending and are the way to go in 2022. They’re a less expensive and easier-to-install option than towel rails. In today’s India, the ideal heated towel rail is a self-contained operational system that can be linked to thermostats and switches to only heat up when needed. If you’re thinking about buying one, we’ll go over everything you need to know so you can make the best decision possible.


We have some of the best high-quality towel rails available at Acquaviva. Take a look at our options today.

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