Tub Overflow India Vs Shower Cubicle: Which Is Best To Go With?

tub overflow India

The choice between a tub overflow India and walk-in cubicle showers when building or upgrading your home can have a big impact. Few other delights can compare to a soaking bath if you have the time. Even if you don’t use a tub for daily grooming, you may want one in your house for those evenings when you want to unwind in a soaking tub by yourself. When you need to wash your body quickly, though, nothing beats a shower. Tubs may be replaced by showers in smaller bathrooms.

Consider the benefits of these two types of bathroom fixtures:

Overflow Bathtub

  • When it comes to the styles and types of fixtures that can be employed to enhance the home’s décor, there are many alternatives. You may customize your bathtub with amenities such as air jets, whirlpool style, and more.
  • It’s simple to make it fit in the available area. A tub can be put in a corner or any other location.
  • Tub overflow India is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of bath area requirements.
  • You can place a shower head above the tub to enjoy the best of both worlds: a bathtub and a shower.

Shower cubicle

  • For the elderly and those with impairments, it is more accessible and convenient.
  • Grab bars, benches, non-slippery flooring, and other amenities can be added. Multiple jet sprays, waterfall showers, rainfall showers, and other high-end features can be implemented.
  • Smaller bathrooms benefit from shower units. They require a minimum of 30 inches x 30 inches to be installed.
  • They are environmentally friendly since they utilize less water and prevent water from leaking outside of the enclosure.
  • Bathtubs are more expensive than shower cubicles.

Shower-Tub Combo

Some homes, particularly older ones, may lack a separate shower or the space to install one. Consider upgrading to a shower-tub combo if you want to preserve your tub but also want a shower. If you want to take a shower, you can have a glass enclosure erected around these to avoid leaks and blown-in curtains installed. The enclosure can also be used to give seclusion for bathers.

A shower-tub combo is a fantastic alternative if you only have one bathroom and can easily fit the units. Instead of simple fiberglass, one-piece item, you can customize the tub-shower combo with surrounds, enclosures, and doors of your choice.


We hope that now that you have the above knowledge, you can make an informed decision about your bathroom. Whether you prefer a shower cubicle or a tub overflow India, Acquaviva has a wide selection of tubs and showers to choose from.

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