Top Two Criteria to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Mounted Basin Tap

Top Two Criteria to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Mounted Basin Tap

Choosing a floor-mounted basin tap to achieve your ideal design is a difficult decision. Bathrooms for families need to be designed with everyone in mind. The family’s younger and older members benefit the most from simple-to-use taps. Regardless of the makeup of your household, you need accurate, high-quality taps. We’ll go through the things to consider while getting a floor-mounted faucet installed in your bathroom in this blog.


Priority One: Maintain Your Bathroom’s Style

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to follow your bathroom’s design. You’ll have a broad design in mind when redesigning your bathroom. Remember the sentence. Don’t give the taps an antique twist just because you enjoy them if they don’t fit your concept.  Bath taps should match your bathroom’s and bath’s contemporary design if they are both contemporary. Whether you select vintage, traditional, or ultra-modern taps, make sure they blend in and don’t stick out from the rest of the design.


Priority Two: Water Flow and the Option of a Mix Tap?

Mixer taps combine hot and cold water in the body of the faucet and have separate handles to control the flow of each. Single-flow taps only produce one water output. The tap body, however, keeps the hot and cold water separate. This is a great fix if the flow between your cold water sources is erratic. The flow of water through a mixer tap is controlled by a single lever, however mix taps are only a good option if the flow of hot and cold water is about equal. There is more to consider about tapping than you might imagine!



For your benefit, we’ve put together a list of our top bathroom design suggestions, to help you find the perfect floor-mounted basin tap for your space.


  1. The Correct Size: It may seem clear that there are different sizes available for taps. Make sure the floor-mounted faucets you buy will fit your bathtub and basin appropriately. Small, cute faucets won’t fit in a bathroom that is lavishly large. On the other hand, a big waterfall faucet might not look right hanging over a tiny tub.


  1. Water Pressure: Enough water pressure is essential for a satisfying washing experience, especially with bath-shower mixer taps. A slow, trickling flow is the most annoying thing. Even without the washing attachment, mixer taps function better with sufficient water pressure, so research the best models before you buy. Low water pressure is ideal for beautiful waterfalls and bath filler taps.


  1. Finishing: The most popular finish for bathroom taps is brass with a chrome finish, but other treatments, such gold plating, are also available. To create a well-balanced aesthetic in the space, take into account your other bathroom accessories, such as the towel rack and toilet paper holder, and match the finishes. Oil-rubbed bronze faucets are perfect for rustic bathrooms, while nickel-plated faucets combine well with gold-colored decor.



Every member of your family uses faucets, such as a floor-mounted basin tap for your basin tap, frequently to freshen up. It’s therefore well worth your time and effort to make this space as cosy, convenient, and practical as you can. There is a wide variety of basins, faucets, and taps in Acquaviva’s premium product assortment.

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