Tips To Use Public Bathroom During The Pandemic

It’s been almost over a year since the Coronvairus pandemic hit the world. The trend of wearing masks and social distancing become the chief concern of public safety. As time progressing, many countries deal with the situation and allow businesses to open up with some safety protocol.

With staggering unlock, people commence to travel different places and the uses of public bathrooms arise as well. The frequent uses of a public bathroom could spread the virus if the safety concern is not taking seriously.

The following safety measures help you use the public bathroom safely.

  1. Don’t forget the Social Distancing

    Social distancing is one of the first safety concerns that one should keep in mind while using public rooms. We understand the importance of urinal or stalls during travelling, so make sure that the toilet breaks you would take either in the big toilet or relatively empty ones.

  2. Avoid touching the Surface

    The surfaces of public restrooms are the potential germ carrier that may infect you if you don’t avoid them. Hence, you need to be wary of such surfaces especially during this pandemic because this virus can stay on the surface for a couple of days and easily transferable. Thus, use your elbow instead of your hands while opening the door of any public toilet. It would be better if you carry a bottle of sanitiser.

  3. Always Keep your sanitiser in your pocket

    During the pandemic, keeping a sanitiser bottle becomes more important than keeping a wallet. Carrying a sanitiser bottle is a must while travelling. When you keep your hand sanitiser, you don’t need to rely on the supplies of a public toilet. Before using the restroom, you should sanitise the surface before touching them.

  4. Spend less time in Restroom

    The more time you spend in the local toilet, the more venerable you make yourself to catch the virus. Spending less time doesn’t mean that you skip washing your hands, despite practising not to hang around the washroom for your family member or friends to finish up.

  5. Avoid carrying anything essential

    Whenever you use a public toilet, ensure that you carry your tissue, soap and sanitised only. Try to keep your phone, bags, and other essential things in the vehicle. Such things you may not sanitise after use, so keep essential things out of the public toilet.

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