The Amazing Story of Freestanding Tubs

The Amazing Story of Freestanding Tubs


Coming home after a long day of work to a lovely soak in the tub is hard to beat. They are choosing whether to use a luxury bathroom freestanding bathtub to improve that experience, while remodeling is arduous. Freestanding bathtubs have a lot to offer in terms of beauty, attention-grabbing design, and a luxurious vibe.

Are you remodeling a bathroom and looking for bathtubs but unsure which one to choose? Is it challenging to select the proper bathtub upgrade? If yes, the following data is intended to aid in your decision-making. Consider these benefits and drawbacks of freestanding high-end bathtubs before adding a new one.

The Advantages of a Freestanding Bathtub


Freestanding bathtubs come in various designs and are made to stand alone rather than be tucked into a bathroom corner. Each freestanding tub is unique, whether it has the traditional claw-footed design that nods to the past or the smooth, sculpted types preferred in modern design. The following are some particular advantages of employing them in bathrooms:


Rose Gold Free Standing bathtubs are a hallmark of spacious, opulent bathrooms since they must be installed in spaces large enough for them. They are stunning, make a powerful statement, and improve bathing. You cannot ignore the beauty of a standalone tub when you walk into a bathroom.



Freestanding bathtubs come in various designs, from retro claw-footed models to contemporary egg shapes. They can make a more compelling design statement than built-in models since the restrictions of walls along the sides do not constrain them.



Since they are standalone rather than tucked into a corner, they come with ease of installation. They can be installed and relocated at different arrangements according to the dimension and aesthetics of that place.


A Freestanding Bathtub’s Drawbacks

Freestanding tubs are only sometimes ideal for a bathroom renovation, despite their many benefits. They also have a few drawbacks to take into account:



High-end bathtubs are typically more expensive than built-in bathtubs, partly because they have more intricate design features and in part because they need more work to produce.



Unlike a built-in tub, a freestanding tub typically needs an open room on all four sides. In a room that generally has minimal square footage, it thus takes up more space. What’s the point (if not)?



Also, freestanding bathtubs make storing any necessary bathroom or personal care goods more difficult as they only offer an option in a few cases.



Since freestanding tubs are typically heavier than built-ins, it may be necessary to spend money and time strengthening the floors to accommodate them.



These astonishing bathtubs come with different stories and values. From luxury bathtubs for small spaces to kids’ bathtubs, the choice between a freestanding and built-in tub is ultimately personal. What is ideal in one setting could not be in another. Read the above blog before making a wise decision.


Happy Bathing!

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