The Advantages Of The Freestanding Bathtub In The High-End Hotel Industry

The Advantages Of The Freestanding Bathtub In The High-End Hotel Industry

Because a maid only has a few minutes to repair a bathroom, the ease of cleaning equipment is essential in the hotel industry. However, the more upscale the establishment, the more the decorative aspect and originality weigh on the choices.

The time granted to a maid to repair a room and its bathroom depends on the level of range of the hotel establishment. But, generally, in a 4 star hotel, the staff has at best 15 minutes.

The hotelier’s first objective is therefore to make bathroom maintenance as easy as possible. It is done by selecting smooth, nook and cranny fittings, favouring large washbasins, avoiding sliding shower doors, and selecting materials resistant to detergents.

Hence a certain revival, in this sector, of enamelled steel or cast iron bathtubs, which we know are resistant to everything.

But this bias is most of the time to the detriment of the decorative aspect of the equipment: if enamelled steel bathtubs display reasonable prices when they are built-in, this is not the case for island models, which are more expensive.

On the other hand, the freestanding solid surface bathtub, a material that is more sensual and pleasant to the touch, is all the more attractive as the prices are affordable and the designs are as numerous as the manufacturers offering them.

Because the freestanding bathtub is advantageous for the hotelier: it is quickly installed and, more or less far from the walls – but always enough to facilitate the cleaning of the floor-, it is less massive, contributing to the feeling of space.

The freestanding bathtub is just as attractive for the customer: unlike the built-in bathtub, present in practically all homes and now considered as a simple object of hygiene, it is an exotic invitation to well-being and relaxation.

Spectacular, it offers a differentiating experience, participating in the new strategy of hoteliers who, through decoration, seek to tell a story and, beyond comfort, to make an impression.

Because the customer experience has become important in the hotel industry, especially upscale, the bathroom is one of its privileged places, which is both a model and a source of inspiration for the customer.

Because, in the home, bathrooms are better equipped and decorated, because customers are more and more travellers and have at their disposal an ever wider offer (guest houses, private rentals), the hotel industry must, if it wants to seduce and surprise them, raise the aesthetic standards of its bathrooms. The freestanding bathtub contributes to this.

More and more fashionable, the freestanding bathtub transforms rooms and brings them a real style. Placed in the center of a bathroom, or even in a room a little more secluded, it changes the principles of decoration. Get out of bed, and take just one step to enjoy a wonderful bath.

Choose the material you like! It can be acrylic, resin, sandstone, or enameled cast iron, which makes the freestanding bathtub very pretty. Do not forget! If you want to install your bathtub in the center of the room, it is important to ensure that the water supplies and outlets go through the floor.

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