Terrace Or Garden? Where To Install Your Outdoor Spa Pool

outdoor spa

Having an incredible and therapeutic spa pool at home is a very advantageous decision for all members of the household, since they can enjoy it from the smallest to the oldest.

Going to public swimming pools or in distant places is not always so pleasant. There is nothing better than having your own private pool at home. Imagine one with hydro pools functions that provides great advantages for the enjoyment of your bathers!

They are perfect to relax, have fun, and to have a different time without having to leave the house. By having this wonderful device, you are installing a mechanism at home that will allow you to enjoy the best of the garden or terrace.

And that is the point at which you have to choose according to usage preferences and what best suits the user. Where is it better to have the spa pool? In the garden or on the terrace?


Believe it or not, the terrace of the house is an incredible place for the family to enjoy a pool. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Being in an elevated area, it reduces its difficulty in maintenance, since at height it is less likely to get dirty with leaves and dirt that the breeze carries.

Another great advantage is the views. If something is very beneficial to be on a terrace, it is that from there you can see landscapes, spaces and places that from a distance are very striking and attractive while enjoying the water.

If you are in a city with a warm climate or a tropical climate, having a hydro massage pool on the terrace offers a great advantage since from a higher area the breeze is stronger and you can enjoy a more refreshing environment, so the experience is much better.

Privacy is another of the great advantages of installing a hydro pool for a terrace. There will be no neighbours or strangers peeking or sniffing while you hang out in the water.

Sun protection is also something to take into account when undertaking a project of this type. Many of these areas are covered, so there is the advantage of enjoying the pool in the shade and without the risk of sunstroke or annoyances from sunlight, especially during the hottest hours.

Both the terrace of a house and its garden are quite optimal places for a swimming pool with hydro massage to be installed with all the expected success.
Each person, simply, must analyze the pros and cons according to their preferences, needs and characteristics of the spaces in their home.

In case you have a very small or uncomfortable garden but a good terrace, or vice versa, you can choose the place where this new and wonderful acquisition will be installed at your convenience.

The truth is that whatever the area selected to put it, we know that its enjoyment and function will be perfectly pleasant and above all relaxing.

Remember! A hydro pools pool is more than just a pool, it is an item with special functions such as hydro massage, hot or warm water, music and lights. This is why it is important to provide the best care for optimal maintenance.

Find the best spa pools with hydro massage on the website of Acquaviva, with incredible effects and functions that will give you the best experience. Having your own pool at home is a great option, especially if it integrates a hydro massage among its functions.

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