Small Bathrooms With Bathtub: Tips And Tricks To Give Your Bathroom A Perfect Look

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Why give up a bathtub when designing a small bathroom? The right layout and the choice of compact fittings allow us to integrate the bathtub into an XS size bathroom and enjoy the spa moments at home. In this article, we want to share some tips and ideas on this topic.

Small bathrooms with bathtubs are increasingly becoming a reality rather than a utopia. A small bathroom does not necessarily mean giving up the idea of equipping it with a beautiful bathtub.

With some planning ideas and choosing the right kind of tub, you can position this comfortable and relaxing element in your bathroom, even if the area is not very large.

Ideas and tips for a small bathroom with a bathtub

There is an opinion that installing a bathtub in a small bathroom is not advisable, since it leaves little space for other elements and makes the space inconvenient and ineffective. However, this is not necessarily the case.

We share with you some tips for placing a bathtub in your small bathroom without compromising on all the amenities a bathroom needs to provide.

Choose compact elements

First of all, you should competently approach the development of the layout. The right approach, together with the use of compact elements, will help to optimize the space and carve out a place for the bath.

In particular, the compact built-in bathtubs, which can be positioned in the corner using the walls, is suitable for this, thus saving every useful centimeter. Alternatively, if you prefer a freestanding bathtub, the free-standing bathtub with feet offered by Acquaviva is worth a look, and with a thoughtful layout, this element with outstanding aesthetics can easily be placed in the bathroom.

Take advantage of a sloped ceiling

Is your bathroom in the attic? In this case, choose an area with a low ceiling to install the bathtub on. This does not require a particularly large vertical space, so this area is an ideal place to install.

Install bathroom equipment in corners

If your bathroom is square and you don’t want the bathtub to feel like a limited space, install bathroom fittings using corners. In this way, you can clear up the space, and the bathroom will appear larger in this case.

Make colours and light work for you

When a space feels too small, there is nothing better to visually expand it than using light wall cladding and creating additional paths for light to enter.

Small and modern bathrooms with bathtub

Now that the trend towards minimalism prevails, a small bathroom is not an obstacle to purchasing a bathtub. You can set it up and enjoy a modern space if you get rid of all the unnecessary elements of the bathroom.

Minimalism is the best choice for small bathrooms. Trust the modern idea that less is better and make your bathroom look ultra-modern by removing patterns and other non-functional elements that would justify them.

Small bathrooms with bathtub and shower

Do you think that a small bathroom with a bath and shower is something out of the ordinary? The space may indeed be insufficient to install the two elements separately. However, it is possible to place two systems in the same space, thanks to free-standing bathtubs with showers.

Thus, you can calmly relax in the bathroom and quickly take a shower in the same space, without denying yourself anything

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