Shower and Hand Shower Combo: Height, Range & Types

Shower and Hand Shower Combo Height, Range & Types

Some might just go for a handheld shower, whereas others might want to get a shower and hand shower combo. You can have a shower bath with an overhead shower and then, when turning a knob, the water from the hand showerhead diffuses whenever you wish to focus the spraying more directly. This means you can effortlessly take a hand shower from where it rests, and holding it in your hand, you can move it around, spraying water on the body parts you desire.

Is it possible to convert old ones into combos?

First and foremost, let’s go thru the essentials. Is it possible to upgrade your old shower and hand shower to a shower and hand shower comb? Yes, it is correct. But will it be worthwhile to put in the effort? That is a challenging inquiry to answer.

The majority of shower arms are mounted on the walls. If your shower arm is installed on the ceiling, however, a renovator’s hand shower with a clip that attaches to the ceiling or wall shower arms is a good option. Furthermore, if the shower design you choose has a rail, you’ll need to bolt the rail to the tiled wall as part of the installation.

The height needed for perfection

If you’re simply replacing an old showerhead with a new, fixed hand shower, the shower arm in the wall is already in place, so you won’t be able to adjust the height. It needs to be fastened into the pipe that is currently in the wall. The majority of the time, it’ll be mounted at a height of roughly 1.8m.

If you’re replacing the current showerhead with a sliding rail hand shower, you’ll be able to adjust the elevation of the shower to suit your needs. If you’re installing an overhead shower with a rail, most of the hand showers will be mounted on a bracket attached to the shower rail. You may adjust the height of the hand shower to suit your needs.

Noteworthy range and types:-

We’ve described the various styles here to assist you in selecting the one that best meets your needs.

Overhead/Hand Shower Combo: This practical duo is available in a variety of contemporary styles.

A Smooth or Wavy Hose: A smooth hose is easier to clean. A wavy hose has texture and, in some cases, might provide more flexibility in the movement of the shower.

Floor-mounted shower arm with overhead/hand shower combo: The shower arm is mounted on the floor and the overhead/hand shower combo bolts into it.

Hand Showers with Arc Rail Overhead Showers: The rail moves up and out over the top, placing the overhead shower immediately above you.


Install a trendy shower and hand shower combo in your bathroom today to give it a much-needed upgrade. The variety of hand showers and rail showers with overhead is extensive because the options are endless. However, Aquaviva offers a variety of shower and hand shower combinations; browse our selection today.

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