Should You Buy A Cheap Heated Towel Rail?

When you do not have information, it is always difficult to choose! And the choice of a heated towel rail is just such a case! We will tell you what is the difference between water and electric in practice, and you will understand which one you need!

So, a heated towel rail is a heating device located in bathrooms, corridors, hallways in apartments or covered verandas in the country. The main property is heating the room and drying the textiles hung on the crossbeams.

Heated towel rails are divided, first of all, according to the type of connection: water and electric. This is the main problem of choice- which is better?

Each of us tries to buy the best and choose the most optimal one to decorate and complement our home. As you know, in the matter of shopping for useful things to match the interior, there are many nuances, which it is better to familiarize yourself with in advance in order to buy yourself what you really need!

If you need a heated towel drying rack for a summer residence, where you are, at most, once or twice a month, then you can always buy an inexpensive model, which, on occasion, will not be a pity.

Due to the well-thought-out design, technology and materials of manufacture, the service life of a water heated towel rail, with the correct connection, can be as long as possible, and the product will survive more than one repair.

But if we are talking about buying for a long time and for constant use, a cheap model will only bring problems and a waste of nerves.

Cheap dryer:

It does not always correspond to the dimensions which means that it will be much more difficult to connect it (sometimes you have to return the purchase, since even using eccentrics will not help to combine the entry and exit points on the dryers and the riser).

Cheap Heated Towel Rail

It may not go on sale as a complete set – there may be no fittings, instructions, sealing elements.

Has an unstable coating – not only outside, which is fixable, albeit unpleasant, but also from the inside.

It looks quite ordinary and standard – such a dryer cannot be used in a well-thought-out bathroom interior.

A high-quality (and therefore not cheap) heated towel rail of domestic production is devoid of the listed disadvantages. Its higher price is more than offset by its long service life and lack of operational problems.

A high-quality heated towel rail with timer will withstand a water hammer when the heating is turned on, and the destructive effect of suspensions, and chemical corrosion.

By purchasing a cheap heated towel rail, you run the risk of:
• Spend time and money searching for and purchasing components.
• Fill not only the bathroom, but also the neighbors.
• Finding a dryer just stopped working – especially for electricmodels.

If you have no problems with hot water supply to the apartment and there is enough space in the bathroom, then the water version will definitely suit you.

And if you are looking for a heated towel rail and want to install it in the corridor, experience periodic difficulties with hot water, or simply cannot crawl to the riser, then you should opt for a heated towel rail electric!

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