Should One Choose Traditional Towel Radiators Or Designer Heated Towel Rails?

Should One Choose Traditional Towel Radiators Or Designer Heated Towel Rails?

heated towel rail will not only keep your towels warm, but it will also help to raise the room’s temperature, lessen dampness, and enhance the aesthetics of any bathroom. Acquaviva is here to help if you’re trying to find a reputable supplier of heated towel rails in India. The following are the categories of everything we provide:

Modern and traditional heated towel rail designs are available to fit any bathroom. A designer or modern heated towel rail gives a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic, while traditional towel radiators will bring class and elegance to your bathroom.

Traditional towel radiators

An excellent choice for giving any antique bathroom a classic, exquisite appeal is a traditional towel radiator. The difference between the two styles is that one is built entirely of chrome pipes, while the other is a white column radiator with metal bars on the side and top. Both designs offer adequate space to keep towels dry and warm. 

Traditional towel radiators are available in a variety of sizes to fit any bathroom area, and some even have a glossy black column for a more modern look. A set of traditional radiator valves will finish the design.


Designer heated towel rails

Designer heated towel rails, which come in a variety of sizes and materials, are the best choice if you want to create a statement in your bathroom. Flat towel rails make the most of available space, while curved rails are easier to hang towels on and better suited to larger bathrooms. Additionally, heated towel rails are available with a useful heated shelf that adds additional storage space for extra towels.


A heated towel rail with curved rails will give off a more understated appearance than one with flat panels and geometric lines. If you want your heated towel rail to blend in with other chrome fixtures, go with a chrome finish; otherwise, go with an anthracite finish.

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Heated towel rails are popular right now. Compared to towel rails, they are less expensive and simpler to install. The perfect heated towel rail for modern India is a self-contained operational system that may be connected to thermostats and switches to only heat up when necessary. We’ll go over everything you need to know if you’re considering getting one so you can make the best choice. At Acquaviva, we provide some of the highest-caliber towel rails on the market. Check out our choices right now.

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