Selecting The Ideal Mixer-Basin Combination for Your Bathroom

Selecting The Ideal Mixer-Basin Combination for Your Bathroom


Many options are available nowadays, and it could be overwhelming if you need the proper knowledge. You may not imagine that the wash basin or sink mixer you choose would significantly impact the look of your small luxury bathrooms. Still, you’d be surprised to see how a good washbasin and sink mixer combo may enhance your bathroom with luxury bathroom accessories.

The wash basin is undoubtedly one essential element that contributes to the bathroom’s overall elegance. It imparts a style to your toilet that could be magnificent, modern, opulent, or vintage. Learn more about each option to make the best pick for your bathroom.

Here Are Some Significant Points to Think About:

Your bathroom’s dimensions and design will determine your washbasins’ size, design, and shape. Corner washbasins are the ideal choice for small, crowded restrooms. One could choose a countertop basin or a pedestal basin for large bathrooms.

Where are your wall-mounted toilet seats, shower heads, and hand showers located? It would be best to consider this because you don’t want your bathroom to be disorganized and messy. Different installation methods are required for each sink; some can be put on the wall, and others can be placed over furniture. You should arrange your shower and toilet such that the freestanding washbasin is not out of the way.

Here is another additional recommendation for selecting a bathroom basin mixer. As the name suggests, basin mixer faucets mix hot and cold water from a single spout. A floor-mounted basin mixer combines hot and cold water to flow out of a single spout instead of ordinary faucets, which pull hot and cold water separately. If there is enough water pressure, basin mixers are ideal for wash basins.

  • We can all agree that varying water temperatures are needed in India, depending on the season. Since they provide more control over the water’s temperature and volume, basin mixers are practical and easy to use. An elegant and functional design of basin mixers is sleek, contemporary, attractive, and compact. A contemporary basin mixer could immediately improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Knowing The Benefits of Basin Mixers, You Must Consider Some Of The Following Aspects While Choosing The Best:

  • It prevents corrosion but needs to be given a high chrome treatment. The material should be your top concern when looking for a new sink mixer.
  • A bathroom sink mixer needs to be reliable and durable.
  • Every bathroom needs the appropriate basin and sinks mixer combination, so there are a wide variety of options that will brighten your space.

The Final Thought

Every bathroom needs the ideal basin plus sink mixer combination. Since every bathroom is a little different, Acquaviva, a luxury bathtub brand known for the best luxury freestanding bathtubs, provides a wide selection of bathroom basins & sink mixers for any need & want. Their prices are created to accommodate any budget when it comes to cost. Therefore, choose Acquaviva if you seek high-quality, dependable, and long-lasting wash basins and sink mixers.

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