Renovating Your Bathroom? What About Adding A Touch Of Gold In It?

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Designing the bathroom, whether it is a new room or a bathroom renovation, requires a series of fundamental steps. Choosing the right taps falls into this category and the choice is an important decision both from a stylistic and practical point of view.

The fittings can also be considered as a secondary accessory, but certainly has a key role in the bathroom. Try to imagine washbasins, bidets, showers and bathtubs without taps: they all become highly uncomfortable unusable accessories.

Have you already chosen the floors, furniture and bathroom fixtures in your new home, but still have some doubts about bathroom taps? So here is the right time to get all the answers you were looking for!

New Year, new bathroom! Do you want to give a new air to your bathroom, without upsetting it or doing renovations? It can be done! To change you don’t necessarily have to do big jobs, you just need details that can illuminate your bathroom.

What is the colour that makes everything brighter? The gold colour. If you want to know how to furnish a bathroom with gold details, continue reading this article.

The gold colour goes easily, but doesn’t go with everything. If you want to add gold details, it would be better if your bathroom were monochrome white or black, because they are the colours that mix best with gold; obviously, this is not an absolute rule but only our opinion, it is not certain that even a bathroom of another colour cannot be more beautiful with gold-coloured details.

The first thing to change and which will certainly be more visible to the eye are the taps on the sink, bidet, shower or bathtub. Even very simple white sanitary ware would look extremely chic with gold-coloured taps, as it would totally change their style.

A detail of the bathroom that is often not thought of and that tends to take second place is the taps, which instead occupies a prominent place in bathroom furnishings, because it is used very often and its good functioning contributes to daily well-being.

The taps you find on Acquaviva are of excellent quality and this contributes to its success. The poor taps in fact have the internal mechanisms made of plastic. The passage of boiling water in these components tends to make the plastic expand, causing that annoying difficulty over time in opening and closing the mixers, which jerk.

Thanks to the quality of their taps, however, you will not find yourself facing these inconveniences, thanks to the absence of plastic parts that undergo deformation over time.

For those who love the classic, there is gold bathroom fittings and rose gold bathroom accessories with chrome and gold finishes of your choice, while for modern lovers the choice can fall on taps equipped with cutting-edge technology and with a current design.

Faucet manufacturers offer a wide range of possibilities capable of adapting to all decorative styles, whether rustic, classic or modern, so it is not difficult to find the right faucet for your bathroom décor.

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