Bathtub- The Main Object In The Bathroom

Bathtub- The Main Object In The Bathroom

Technology and design are spearheading the transformation of the bathroom into a relaxation room. The bathroom is abandoning its traditional, purely functional role in order to become a true oasis of tranquillity. Spacious, technologically-equipped bathrooms with a renewed aesthetic are now transformed into an idyllic setting to be alone and take care of your well-being….

Why Receive A Hydro Massage Treatment

Why Receive A Hydro Massage Treatment?

Although whirlpools (as well as outdoor hot tubs) can be considered “entertaining” in the sense that they are easily enjoyable. In the case of hydro massage, the jets have another use: they will use the water inside the pool and expel it in small jets under pressure, which impacts the skin directly. This contact will…

ConcealedBuilt In Faucets How Convenient They Are

Concealed/Built In Faucets: How Convenient They Are?

In recent years, a new trend has invaded the faucet market: the built-in bathroom faucet. For many, this accessory brings a touch of elegance to their bathroom. Particularly aesthetic, the built-in faucet is available in several models suitable for sanitary equipment dedicated to hygiene such as washbasin, washbasin, bathtub or even shower. However, the question…