Outdoor Jacuzzi: What You Need To Know To Buy One

Relaxation, free time, therapeutic massages, water at perfect temperatures, these are some of the words or phrases that come to mind when we think of a garden Jacuzzi or hot tub.

Buying an outdoor hot tub is something that not many can afford. This is because it is considered a luxury item, both for its price and for all the benefits it brings to body and mind.

For this reason we could say that it is an investment in which to think carefully before buying, so it is important to know in depth everything related to outdoor whirlpools, their options, prices and main characteristics.


It may seem as easy as saying “choose the one that best suits your tastes” and in a way it is, but to find the best garden or terrace Jacuzzi it is necessary to see all the available options.

You have to take into account many factors, such as the shape of the glass, the number of jets, the extra functions, the size, where to place it, the heater, and many other things.

How many people do you plan to use the Jacuzzi at the same time? Size matters in this case, as does the number of headrests it includes. How much power do you want in the hydro massage? You must take into account the number of water and air pumps that each model has in particular, as the strength of the massage will depend on it.

Intensity of the massage? Direction and location of said massage? The number of jets and their positioning are perhaps the most important factors to consider. The jets are the nozzles in charge of supplying the water under pressure, those in charge of exerting the hydro massage when coming into contact with the skin.

Any extra features? Chromotherapy and aromatherapy are the most common; chromotherapy uses light to induce moods in the brain, while aromatherapy uses odors in the same way.

Is it very boring to sit in the outdoor Jacuzzi without having anything to do?

You can alleviate that boredom by listening to music or listening to the radio. But not in the conventional way, but through the system that integrates the spa itself.

Thehydro massages bring these characteristics to make that time of enjoyment and well-being that the user will spend within the team more enjoyable.

And it is that although the key to the Jacuzzi is to sit down and relax, without doing anything else, listening to some music in the meantime is not bad at all.

However, we suggest you to go for a swim spa as with its special features you can give your soul and body a therapeutic treatment. The design outdoor swim spas offered by the team of Acquaviva make it possible for people to enjoy swimming at any time of day in their home.

There are more features to consider when choosing the best outdoor whirlpool. That is why, depending on each person and their personal tastes, different models of Jacuzzi are chosen.

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