Make Your Home Bathroom Space Better With Heated Towel Rail?

Make Your Home Bathroom Space Better With Heated Towel Rail?

There are a variety of heated towel rail styles to choose from. Consider what would go well with the rest of your bathroom as well as your particular tastes. In most cases, a bathroom is a small place. It could be needed at any hour of the day or night. The weather is typically wet and humid. So, what’s the best course of action? We’ll go over some things to think about before buying a tower rail for your bathroom in this article: 

Efficient and cost-effective

It doesn’t matter if it’s the height of summer or the dead of winter, being greeted by a warm towel from your bathroom radiator is always a lovely experience. When it’s 30 degrees outside, though, you won’t want your entire house to be heated, and heating your bathroom towel rail would require you to travel around your house and switch off each radiator separately — who has time for that?

With a heated towel rail, you can hear your bathroom with central heating in the winter and electricity in the summer, giving you the best of both worlds. Dual fuel is more cost-effective than a centrally heated bathroom radiator or a single electric-powered towel rail because of its flexibility. A dual fuel towel rail is substantially more energy efficient because you can pick which way to power it depending on the season. You can take it a step further by pairing the towel rail with an external thermostat for even more energy-saving efficiency. 

How to the Perfect One

  1. There’s one more item to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash after you’ve considered all of your options. A function is just as important as look when it comes to your heated towel rail in the bathroom. As a result, you must investigate the model’s heat output. It may seem self-evident, but before choosing a heated towel rail, you must first assess your space. Be honest with yourself about how much wall (and floor) space you have.
  2. Consider your height if you’re short on space. A smaller heated towel rack can be added to free up storage space underneath. The best wall for a towel rack isn’t usually the most obvious, so consider all of your options. But if your bathroom is small, don’t waste the space behind the door. It might be the perfect location for a small towel heater.
  3. Still, when it comes to space, don’t forget to think about how many towels your heated towel rail can hold. Is it necessary to only hang a little hand towel in a small cloakroom? Do you need to keep a large, dry, and fluffy bath sheet in your family bathroom? Ensure that there is enough space between each rail of your towel heater for it to function properly.



The heated towel rail in India is more than just a great way to keep your towels warm; it also serves as a room radiator, provides helpful storage, and is a stylish, artisanal design element. Every bathroom size, style, and shape has a heated towel rail.  Choose from a wide range of collections at Acquaviva.

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