Ideas For Perfect Square Designer Bathrooms

Square Designer Bathrooms

People who are home décor and interior enthusiasts but have small residential spaces always try to make their little home more aesthetic, simple, and yet luxurious. They always try to find accessories that are both decorative and space-saving. Similarly, people who are transforming their lifestyle to minimalism are always keen to find ideas that can make their homes more spacious with all the luxuries available for use. Square designer bathrooms are one of the most popular designs of interiors among people who have small home spaces.

What is a square bathroom space?

A square bathroom space can be generally defined as a small bathroom space with three equal walls and one door. This type of bathroom is designed for small home spaces or apartments. Since the sanitary ware industry has revolutionized by giving priority to the luxuries of small bathroom designs, people have started adding luxury to their small bathroom spaces. For this interior design, enthusiasts are always looking for designs and accessories for square designer bathrooms.

Features that flourish in space

There were certain myths about square bathrooms not being comfortable, luxurious, and aesthetic in terms of modernity and design. In recent years, the bathroom interior industry has significantly contributed to making small bathroom spaces as luxurious as large or wide bathroom spaces. There are some ways in which a person can transform their bathroom into a square designer bathroom with a sense of luxurious style.

  1. A glass shower: The small bathroom spaces, especially the square ones, are already compact because of their size, and all the utilities in one place make it boring. To add a touch of luxury and a surprising element, a glass shower can be an option. It will make your bathroom look bigger, and one can have different compartments.
  1. Wall-hung commode and washbasin: When you start adding luxuries to your square designer bathroom, all you want is to save space. Wall-hung commodes and washbasins are great options for space management, and cleanliness can also be maintained.
  1. Mirrors: The best trick to make your square designer bathroom look bigger is to place multiple mirrors on the walls. One can add two medium-size mirrors; this will create a reflection of your bathroom. Adding mirrors is itself a luxury and will make your bathroom look lavish.
  1. Lights: The small size of square designer bathrooms makes it look dark; to make it more enhanced, airy and bright placement of lights is important. A warm mirror backlight will make your bathroom look bright and give it a touch of luxury. Adding warm lights to bathrooms will make them more aesthetic.
  1. Curtains: If you are a traditional home décor or interior lover, then glass showers can be replaced with curtains. Lightweight, water-resistant bathroom curtains can be added from the ceiling to the floor.
  1. Cabinetry: For better space management, try to keep your floor clean and free. With a wall-hung commode and washbasin, floating or wall-mounted storage cabinets can be added. It will give a luxury look to your square designer bathroom. Also, wall-mounted or floating bathroom cabinets are the current trend in bathroom interior designs.

Square designer bathrooms civilization with ACQUAVIVA

With different ideas to decorate bathroom aesthetics, the primary aspect of transforming your bathroom space into a perfect square designer bathroom is the luxury sanitary wares, which can actually convert your common bathroom into a luxury one. ACQUAVIVA is one of the leading brands in bathroom essentials industry which is working since years and transformed many bathrooms into a luxury space with their top-quality products.

Below are some bathroom essentials that are necessary for your square designer bathrooms:

  1. Single small basin with a long body water faucet.
  2. A corner-inset bathtub can be added to one corner of your square designer bathroom.
  3. Wall-mounted toilets can be added to save space.
  4. A dome-over-head rain shower can be added to keep the bathroom space minimal and detail-oriented.
  5. An SLR with a hand shower

To conclude, we can say that the current bathroom essentials industry is breaking stereotypes related to the limitations of square designer bathrooms. ACQUAVIVA is one of the brands that offers an extensive range of luxury bathroom essentials for your square bathrooms.

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