How To Choose The Right Bathroom Faucet?

Faucets are the crown jewel of any bathroom styles. The availability wide range of designer faucets India with unmatched finishes could give luxurious tactility to any bathroom. Along with the option for interactivity and water conservation feature is like give icy on the cake.

Your personality and design aesthetic comes out the most vigorous in the detail that you choose for your bathroom. The bathroom is the one space where you feel relaxes and gets ready for your day. Working on smaller detail like the bathroom faucets could increase the elegance of your bathroom and make you feel luxurious.

However, picking the bathroom faucets could be a frenetic task if you don’t put attention to the following factors:

Go For Quality

It’s always an exceptional deal to choose quality over low price because “A cheap buyer takes bad meat”. While the price tag of a quality faucet may hurt your budget, but the little extra will save you money in the long run.

The poorer quality faucet may save you little money now, but after a few days, it would cost you much through repairing. Thus quality faucets like brass faucets or polished chrome would be a great option for you to choose because they are suitable for a variety of design theme. Also, a bronze faucet bathroom with oil rubbed surface would give your bathroom a classic look.

Select the Right type Faucet

Selecting the right type of faucet is also very important. There are 4 types of faucet are available in the market that you can choose to accord to your requirement.

  • Centreset Faucet
    Usually, centreset faucets are 4 inches in size and comprise washbasins with three holes and have handles that are 4 inches apart. Some centerset faucets may have two handles that are mounted onto a 6-inch plate.
  • Widespread Faucet
    Widespread faucet comes with hot and cold handles that can be mounted on the sinks and countertop and mounted independently on sinks.
  • Wall Mounted Faucet
    Whether it’s modern or classic, the wall-mounted faucet can match any decor style you choose for your bathroom. These faucets require plumbing that’s run-up directly through the walls behind the sink.
  • Single Handle Faucet
    The single handle faucets are easy to use and hold the perfect blending point between hot and cold and could be convenient who is handicap.

Keep the Required Space in Mind

While choosing the sink faucet, keep the required space area of your bathroom in mind. The size of the sink faucet should fit in the area where you want it to place. Extra size sink faucet makes your bathroom appearance look ugly and unpleasant. Thus, choosing the exact size sink faucet gives your bathroom a pleasant style, and it also costs you less.

Faucets are one of the key elements that complement any bathroom’s theme, no matter whether it’s a simple or luxurious bathroom. The choosing right designer faucets India at the right place should be your chief concern! Explore the wide range of bathroom faucets with Acquaviva now!

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