Freestanding Bathtub: Where to Put It In The Bathroom

Freestanding Bathtub Where to Put It In The Bathroom

The freestanding bathtub is the first element to choose for a spa-style bathroom: here’s how to place it in the bathroom and how to choose the best one. The freestanding bathtub is an element that today, more than ever, is back in trend. It is an element that cannot be missing in any bathroom and is perfect for any style.

You want to transform your bathroom into a Spa and you can’t give up installing a freestanding bathtub. Discover the model that best suits you and your needs.

Your dream is simple: to transform the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and well-being. A dream that can come true by choosing the right elements such as the free-standing bathtubs with shower.

A type of sanitary which, as the word itself implies, is free-standing. This means that you can position it however you want.

Thanks to this element you will be able to create the room you want and also make the service environment an oasis of peace in which to find yourself and recharge your batteries.

In this guide, you will understand if it is right for you and you will receive the advice you have been waiting for since you had in mind to choose this solution.

Freestanding bathtub in the center of the room: minimum measures

The shower box is practical and functional, but nothing beats the freestanding bathtub in relaxation. As soon as you see it, placed there in the center of the bathroom, you immediately have the impression of having entered a Spa.

If you want to transform the room into an environment dedicated to well-being and relaxation, you cannot fail to choose free-standing bathtubs with feet. The free-standing bathtub does not need coverings or supports, its supporting structure supports it.

This uniqueness allows it to be installed anywhere, compatibly with water attacks: either near a wall or in the middle of the room. A detail that makes them unique, much appreciated by those looking for an element that makes the bathroom unique and recognizable.

Such a particular element, strange but true, adapts to any style: from the contemporary to the minimal bathroom, from the industrial to the vintage one.An exceptional element capable, alone, of making all the furniture and able to capture all the attention.

The best brand, Acquaviva, has specialized in the production of these tubs and has created collections with the most diverse shapes.

The most iconic are those with an ovoid shape, a timeless classic, perfect for the vintage style bathroom or the shabby chic one.

An oval freestanding ceramic bathtub with a wide base, which you can also install in the center of the room, is a dream that you can make as long as you pay the utmost attention. Such an installation requires a lot of care and precision. To insert such an element, in the middle of the bathroom, the first thing to do is to rely on a professional. Only an expert will know how to treat the model you have chosen in the best way and above all will be able to install it correctly.

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