Four Top Benefits of Having a Countertop Sink in India

Four Top Benefits of Having a Countertop Sink in India

Indian families have certain expectations when it comes to the look and feel of their home. These families also tend to put more emphasis on functionality than aesthetics, which is what makes countertop sinks in India so popular right now.

One kind of contemporary countertop sink is the vessel sink. The only similarity is that the basin rests on top of a counter, but that’s about it. A vessel sink, as opposed to a typical countertop sink, is designed to resemble the earliest varieties of sinks. The sink basin does not have a faucet for vessel bathroom sinks attached. Like the sink basin itself, faucets for vessel sinks are mounted directly on top of the counter. The purpose of this installation is to resemble the vintage hand basins and pitcher sinks. A vessel sink has not only a distinctive design, but also a number of other benefits over other types of sink basins. Read on to find out four of the biggest benefits of having a countertop sink in your home as well as why they’re rapidly growing in popularity in India.


In contrast to conventional sink basins, countertop sinks expand your bathroom’s area. They are not just confined to big cabinets; they may be fitted on many different kinds of vanities. Towels or other bathroom essentials can be kept in the extra area under the vessel sink.

Installing a vessel sink can make your bathroom appear larger and will highlight your bathroom floors. You are not need to use a large vanity; instead, you can pick a tiny desk or table that leaves your floors unobstructed.


The aesthetics of a vessel sink is inarguably its greatest advantage. The look of a vessel sink is difficult to beat if you want something unique. Your sink will stand out from the rest of your bathroom rather of blending in. A vessel sink basin’s elegance and beauty are difficult to deny.


Vessel sinks are simple to install, just like other countertop basins are. You only need two little holes on your vanity or countertop. One for your sink basin’s drain and one for the faucets for bathroom vessel sinks. No need to set up a heavy pedestal or a big vanity.


It is simple to maintain and clean vessel sinks. Because the sink basin is above the countertop, it is simple to clean up water and debris from the area surrounding it. It is simple and less expensive to replace your basin if you chance to chip or shatter your sink. You won’t have to pay for new plumbing if something occurs to your sink because the basin and faucet are separate. You’ll just swap out the basin.


The earliest variants of hand basins and pitcher sinks are the ancestors of vessel sinks. They fit into virtually any bathroom design and are quite adaptable. Because the faucet and basin are separate, vessel sinks are less expensive and simple for any DIYer to install. Choose a vessel sink if you want to give your bathroom flair and style. We can assure you that your bathroom will surely be a topic of conversation. Acquaviva, a leading provider of luxury bathroom accessories, offers some of the most astonishing countertops and free standing wash basin in India. They are one of the most popular options when it comes to deciding where to place your sink.

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