Four Luxury Shower System To Transform Your Bathroom in 2022

Four Luxury Shower System To Transform Your Bathroom in 2022

Are you sick of taking the same old, boring showers? and desires to transform it into a luxury shower systems but is unsure of how to do so?Well, you’re in luck. Let us lead the way and demonstrate what you need to purchase to complete your bathroom renovation and give it a luxurious feel. Acquaviva reassures you that every product in this article was picked with trends and long-term value in mind, and that it can help you solve the conundrum of how to purchase bathroom accessories, such as rain showers, that will improve your bathing experience.


Let’s dive right in.


 1. The Versatile Rainfall Shower

Multifunctional Rain Showers are, as their name suggests, wall-or ceiling-mounted showers that simulate the soothing sensation of rain. The bathroom may require some more plumbing, but the hassle is worth it for the comfort and elegance it will offer to your home.

Not persuaded? Consider that the hassle of installing a cloud overhead rain shower is not worthwhile. You can then experiment with the other varieties that have particular qualities, such as the Mounted Rain Shower with Cascade Flow. However, wall-mounted cascade showers function similarly to conventional bathroom rain showers; they are less expensive and easier to install on the wall than on the ceiling.


2. Wall-Mount Shower Arms 

Instead of purchasing the expensive rain shower heads, if your bathroom needs updating but your budget is tight, consider upgrading your shower arms. It is hassle-free, has minimal financial impact, and because of its DIV., you can install it yourself. You can use a ceiling arm or a wall arm if the cubicle in your bathroom is square. You might also use a Round Wall Mounted Arm or a Round Loop Wall Arm if your home has rounded walls. Whatever route you take, you’ll be able to enjoy the amenities with ease.


 3. Thermostatic Smart Mixer

This small device is essential for the Luxury Shower System’s Smart Control features, out of all the latest accessories. These Thermostatic Mixers include two dials, one for controlling the water volume and the other for controlling the temperature, allowing you to customize your daily life however you choose. We advise you to begin with the three-way Acquaviva Diverter Thermostatic Mixer if you want to test it out.


4. Body Jets for Wall-Mounted Showers

The Body-Jet, a favourite among young people and durable compared to all other shower arms, is the best way to make your shower area more opulent. It combines function and style. You can install either an exposed style body jet or a hide style body jet depending on the available space. Both can be fitted on cubicle walls that are square or round. Additionally, you can use it to further alter the water pressure, allowing you to further personalise your experience and making it the ideal addition to your new luxurious bathroom.


Go with Avquaviva!

The days when shower renovations were thought to be a waste of money are long gone. The aesthetics of today’s luxury shower systems reflect the owner’s sense of style and elegance.


The design advice provided above will assist you in giving your bathroom a beautiful makeover and provides you with all the necessary information to choose the best rain showers for your bathroom.


Choose from a wide range of collections today.

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