Equip Your Bathroom With Oval Bathtubs And Make Its Interior More Attractive

Today, standard bathtubs are rectangular in shape, but for those who wish to diversify their room design, a wide selection of square, round and oval baths is available.

In this article, we want to tell you about the features of an oval bath. Despite the fact that it is considered an accessory of the classic interior, it will look equally good in a room decorated in a modern or rustic style.


This is the golden mean between the usual rectangular font and models of non-standard shapes (round, square, triangular), which are still considered something exotic.

It does not take up as much space as large-sized models in the form of a square or circle. Therefore, it can be installed even in a relatively small room.

The oval bathtub is a truly versatile sanitary fixture that fits perfectly into any interior style- you just need to choose the right model. So, in an oriental interior, an oval model with a copper finish will look harmonious, and a laconic oval font made of white acrylic will suit a room decorated in a minimalist Japanese style.

The oval bathtub allows different installation options: if you want to focus all attention on this particular piece of furniture, place it in the center of the room. It will look equally good in a corner or against a wall. A freestanding oval bathtub looks best in the interior.

Choosing a location for installation

The good thing about the oval bathtub is that it can be installed anywhere in the room. If the room is spacious enough, then it will look great in the center (provided that all communications are carried out under the floor).

For small models, corner models are suitable, which will help save space. The only difficulty that arises when installing against a wall is joining the font to the wall. In this case, a large gap will inevitably arise.

Installation methods vary. Quite often, an oval bathtub is installed on decorative legs. Solid models in the form of huge bowls are installed directly on the floor.

Depending on their design features, they can be conditionally divided into built-in and free-standing models. The first ones are installed on a special podium. While the freestanding oval bathtub is equipped with decorative legs.

Some oval baths are equipped with a built-in hydro massage. When buying such models, it is recommended to think in advance about how many nozzles you need.

The more there are, the better the effect will be and the higher the price. The same applies to all sorts of additional accessories such as handrails, lights and headrests.

Oval baths, characterized by smooth and unusual transitions, will perfectly fit into any interior. They will look equally good in the bathrooms, designed in a strict classic style, and in the original modern rooms.

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