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Taking a bath one or more times a day is necessary to maintain daily hygiene, but a bath goes much further than ridding the skin of impurities.

Doing it in a Jacuzzi adds benefits to the simple cleaning that the body requires, increasing the use towards raising the quality of life, reducing stress, releasing tension and improving circulation.

There are many types of Jacuzzi, with different sizes, number of hydro jets, pressure, materials and prices. Even if you think it can be very expensive, the truth is that having one can be a more affordable investment than you think.

At Acquaviva, they have multiple models that can be adjusted to your needs and budget. So go ahead and take a look at their offers. You will be surprised to find products with good benefits.


The truth is that there are no disadvantages to having a Jacuzzi at home, however, there are certain considerations when it is installed in the garden and not inside the home.

Maintenance. All jetted bathtubs, and like all things in life, need care to extend them over time.

Hot tubs can last for decades, as they are items designed and manufactured to be enjoyed for an unlimited time. Now, when they are placed in the garden, it is important to know that they will be more exposed to different factors that are less controllable, such as the weather.

The action of the sun, rain, certain animals such as insects, among others, can further deteriorate the state of the bathtub. That is why it becomes necessary to properly maintain them.

It is also highly recommended to use a thermal cover to cover them when they are not being used and protect them from fallen leaves, the earth and the weather.

The Jacuzzi is perfect for any time of the year, but it should be avoided on the hottest days of the summer, since the high temperatures of the environment, plus those of the water, can cause dehydration and even hyperthermia.

Privacy. Being installed outside, you may not have as much privacy when using it, however, this may not be a problem if you live alone or as a couple, or if your garden is away from the sight of curious neighbors.

In short, having a hot tub in your garden can be a very rewarding experience. Not only will you have luxury and comfort outside your home, but you will also be able to take advantage of everything that nature gives you to get more out of your bathtub.

Find the one you like the most and that suits you on the website of Acquaviva. In addition, in the blog section you can read other articles with more relevant information that can help you make the best decision regarding the ideal model, materials and size for you.

Don’t wait any longer and install your Jacuzzi in the garden!

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