Discover More About Freestanding Sinks

Discover More About Freestanding Sinks

Freestanding ceramic sinks, often known as pedestal sinks, have become more and more common lately. These striking sinks are an eye-catching feature and make a statement in any bathroom. The leg, or pedestal, and the sink basin are the two parts that make up these sinks. They are attached to the wall, which is located behind the basin. The drain and supply pipes must be led into the sink from the wall, as opposed to the floor as is the case with ordinary vanity sinks.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key benefits of installing free standing washbasin in your home in India, from functionality to beauty.


Due to the pedestal’s limited coverage, your floors will be more noticeable than they would be with a typical vanity sink. With so many color choices, you can choose one that distinguishes your floors from the sink rather of blending in with it like a vanity.


The main reason why individuals go for free standing wash basins over traditional vanity sinks is to enhance the appearance of their bathroom. Compared to most typical vanity sinks, free standing wash basin in India have a more vintage appearance. They are a fantastic choice if you want your large bathroom, half bathroom, or powder room to have a vintage look.


The ability to conserve space is the main advantage of freestanding sinks over traditional vanity sinks. In a vanity sink, the pedestal base is considerably more compact than the cabinets. Because they are so little, freestanding sinks are ideal for modest bathrooms, half baths, and powder rooms.

Pedestal sinks free up space, allowing you to install bigger closets in your bathroom. As in case You are not constrained by the dimensions of a typical vanity sink. Floor mounted wash basin give your bathroom a light appearance that a large vanity sink cannot.


Freestanding sinks are available in a variety of colors and styles so you may give your full or half bathroom a special touch. A standalone pedestal sink is more elegant than your average vanity.

You have a variety of alternatives when selecting the ideal freestanding sink for your full or half bathroom. If you like a square sink basin with accentuated curves on the side, go for it. You have a choice of a little sink basin made of stone. No issue if you like an all-black pedestal and sink bowl. The pedestal of the majority of freestanding sinks has etched lines that circle the bowl



Installing a standalone sink will let your full, half, or powder room stand out from the crowd. Freestanding sinks are the best option if the space of your bathroom is a concern. Your luxury bathrooms will feel more spacious and open with a freestanding sink. Compared to a vanity sink, your flooring will appear bigger and stand out more. No wonder standalone sinks have recently experienced a rebirth in popularity!

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