Concealed/Built In Faucets: How Convenient They Are?

ConcealedBuilt In Faucets How Convenient They Are

In recent years, a new trend has invaded the faucet market: the built-in bathroom faucet. For many, this accessory brings a touch of elegance to their bathroom.

Particularly aesthetic, the built-in faucet is available in several models suitable for sanitary equipment dedicated to hygiene such as washbasin, washbasin, bathtub or even shower. However, the question arises: is it really profitable to have a built-in bathroom faucet at home?

The advantages of installing a built-in faucet

  • A not insignificant optimal comfort of use
    The built-in taps offer unparalleled comfort, thanks to their multiple settings at the cutting edge of technology. One of the features of the built-in faucet, the front control is very practical. The drop-in bathroom faucet provides the most satisfying experience. By the presence of a thermostatic basin mixer, the convenience of this equipment is optimized.Indeed, the adjustment of the various options of the built-in bathroom faucet is done instantly by simple digital pressure. For those who want more fantasy, several shapes and colours are available to easily integrate the tap into the bathroom.
  • A significant space-saving and an evocative design
    The built-in mixer saves more space on the basin or toilet side. In this way, you will have more space to store your products or other useful accessories for the shower. This type of mixer is also the most aesthetic among the various models of built-in bathroom faucets on the market. The built-in faucet is an excellent solution to bring more elegance to your bathroom.
  • A complete assortment of various essential accessories
    You can opt for a built-in mixer sold as a pack. In this case, the concealed bathroom faucet is sold with a hand shower, an overhead shower, and control with a front panel. All of these accessories allow you to enhance the decor of your bathroom. This offer is advantageous insofar as you have a shower cubicle. In this case, the overhead shower can then also be built-in and you will get even more space.
  • Easy maintenance accompanied by incomparable hygiene
    Maintenance is easily undertaken since the faucet is anchored to the wall. You may have noticed that regular bathroom faucets are more difficult to clean, especially if they have lime deposits.

In addition, mold has an annoying tendency to set in quickly if you don’t get into the habit of cleaning the faucet regularly.

Why choose Acquaviva?

If you are planning to install a reliable and high-quality basin mixer for your bathroom, the faucets and basin mixers of Acquaviva are the best option. In addition, Acquaviva is currently the leader in the sanitary ware market. As a specialist in the field of fittings, this brand is not likely to disappoint you.

The functions offered by the mixers of Acquaviva are very interesting. For example, you have a temperature limiter as well as an adjustable foamer for better user comfort. Not to mention the water savings you can achieve.

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